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Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!

Hi, mooers! Check out moomoo's fresh earnings calendar to start your week! Laugh
This week, various companies including $Tesla(TSLA.US)$, $Netflix(NFLX.US)$ and $Intel(INTC.US)$ are releasing their earnings. How will the market react to the companies' results? Let's make a guess! Rich
Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!
Gift An equal share of 1,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the winner who makes the biggest gains in  intraday trading on the day of earnings release (e.g., If 50 mooers make the correct guess, each of them will get 20 points.)
(Vote will close at 9:00 AM ET  Jan 18)
Exclusive 300 points: For the top comments on companies' earnings prospects under this post.
Book live earnings conference on moomoo:
Netflix Q4 2023 earnings conference call (January 23 at 4:45 PM ET)
Tesla Q4 2023 earnings conference call (January 24 at 5:30 PM ET)
Intel Q4 2023 earnings conference call (January 25 at 5:00 PM ET)
1. Rewards will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the result's announcement.
2. Rewards can be used to exchange gifts at the Rewards Club (moomoo app>> Me>> Redeem Points).
3. The selection is based on post quality, originality, and user engagement.
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  • 102362254 : $Tesla (TSLA.US)$ faces supply challenges and competition in the EV market, but reported robust demand in Q4 2023, especially in China, delivering a record 1.2 million units. This indicates market share and customer loyalty growth.

    $Netflix (NFLX.US)$, amid fierce competition and rising costs, surpassed expectations with 8.76 million paid memberships in Q3 2023, totaling 247 million. The company anticipates an 11% YoY revenue increase in Q4 2023, showcasing confidence despite concerns about competition, prompting the market to seek updates on content strategy, international expansion, and profitability.

    $Intel (INTC.US)$ grapples with semiconductor industry challenges, including supply constraints and geopolitical tensions, despite substantial investments. Investors seek evidence of growth, margin expansion, and competitive advantage.

    In my view, Tesla could see a positive market response due to strong demand, while Netflix might face negativity if subscriber growth stalls or costs increase. For Intel, a cautious reception may occur depending on indications of improvement in a challenging environment.

  • ZnWC : Tesla will make the biggest gain in the intraday trading after earnings release.

    Tesla is expected to see $0.74 EPS decline YOY and QOQ but revenue will grow to $25.5 million. The company deliver 1.83 million vehicles in 2023 meet expectations and company's target. Its challenges are decline in profit margin due to further price cutting and falling EV demand.

    Netflix Q4 earnings will meet expectations as Netflix is forecasting an 11% YOY revenue increase to $8.7 billion. It expects the addition of paid memberships about 8-9 million new subscribers. But it faces 2 challenges. First decline profit margin and Second strong US dollars against other currency could impact its Q4 revenue.

    Intel is expected to post quarterly earnings of $0.44 per share in its upcoming report, which represents a YOY change of +340%. Revenues are expected to be $15.14 billion, up 7.8% from the year-ago quarter. But the company is also facing fierce competition from the other chip makers.

  • Tbeanbean ZnWC: how do u know

  • TeslaSmurf 102362254: WHICH supply challenges and
    WHICH “competition” ?

    ALL OEMs openly gave up on their initial plans to compete with Tesla and are downsizing their investments.

    Tesla and the Chinese (BYD and the GEELY group) are doubling down, with factories and acquisitions. ALSO they have much less debt or virtually no debt (Tesla).
    As soon as the interest rates are taken down, the margins will quickly rise and the demand (already very strong: +38% YoY for Tesla) will likely spike up.

    In 2025 then, the new compact car will start being printed out like potato chips (at Austin, Texas) and in 2026 from the new factory in Mexico and from the expansions at Shanghai and Berlin too.
    No one will keep up with that, not even BYD which has extremely lower manufacturing efficiency/profit.

    •TESLA ~130K employees for ~1,85 million cars produced
    •BYD. ~600K employees for ~3,05 million cars produced

    DO NOTE : the selling price of a Tesla (~45K USD) is nearly double than a BYD (~27K USD) and the margins on BEVs are >5x for Tesla.
    BYD makes its profits on ICE cars (with a combustion engine) which are 48% of its production, a sector to be KILLED by LAW in the coming years (with all the investments and the relative debt).

    WHICH of the two companies is going to be richer in a 5 years horizon ?
    TECHNICALLY there should be NO doubt, but many WS ANAL-YSTS like to write nefarious poems about some daily crisis at Tesla and about THE competition that doesn’t show up 🤷‍♂️… it’s been 10 years already
    Gimme a break PLEASE 🙏

  • ZnWC Tbeanbean: For Tesla, Cathie Wood is calling for a nearly 800% increase within the next few years. Wedbush maintains a buy rating and target price $350. Jim Cramer thinks Tesla will be the first to fall out of the magnificent seven companies. How do they know?

    Additional Information you should know prior to Tesla Q4 Earnings Release

  • Tbeanbean ZnWC: but the market didn’t tell me this.. what should I do and who should I listen? Cathie or market ?

  • 102362254 TeslaSmurf: A solid stock is one that consistently generates significant profits for its investors. I steer clear of debating the superiority of specific EVs to avoid unproductive biased debates.

    My approach to trading and investing is solely centered on maximizing profits. The main focus is on identifying investments, be it EVs or other stocks, that yield the optimal returns for my portfolio.

    Good luck in finding the perfect audience for your EV debates. May peace, profit, and a touch of wit be with you Blessing

  • bullrider_21 TeslaSmurf: BYD makes hybrids but not ICE cars. They stopped doing that in Mar 2022. Hybrids are not pure EVs, but they are still EVs. Just not BEVs.

  • 小trader : Tesla demonstrated resilience amid supply challenges and heightened EV competition, reporting robust demand, particularly in China. Despite an anticipated decline in year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter EPS, coupled with revenue reaching $25.5 million, Tesla met expectations and achieved its 2023 target with 1.83 million vehicle deliveries. Despite acknowledged challenges like declining profit margins and potential EV demand dips, Tesla's ability to sustain demand and meet delivery targets underscores its resilience in the dynamic EV landscape.

    Netflix exceeded expectations in Q3 2023, adding 8.76 million new paid memberships, totaling 247 million, despite increased competition and costs. The company projects a year-over-year revenue increase for Q4 2023, demonstrating confidence amid competitive concerns. Investors seek updates on content strategy, international expansion, and profitability. However, challenges, including potential profit margin decline and the impact of a strong US dollar on Q4 revenue, are noteworthy as Netflix anticipates adding 8-9 million new subscribers.

    Intel is expected to announce an impressive year-over-year change in revenues. Despite substantial investments, the semiconductor giant grapples with industry challenges such as supply constraints and geopolitical tensions, facing fierce competition with other chip makers. Investors closely watch for signs of growth, margin expansion, and competitive advantage as Intel navigates the semiconductor market's complexities.

    I hold a positive outlook on Tesla's performance, considering its share price is currently at its most depressed state. If the upcoming earnings results exceed expectations, it is likely to boost investor sentiment significantly. Given the current market dynamics, Tesla stands the highest chance of experiencing substantial intraday trading gains following the earnings release.

  • ZnWC TeslaSmurf: Hybrid cars are installed with a gasoline engine or an internal combustion engine or ICE. @TeslaSmurf is not wrong when he commented that 48% BYD cars are ICE - with gasoline engines.

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