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        Trading style 👇

        Unlike the traditional mentality of most traders/investors, “buy low and sell high”, the vast majority of my trades are buying at a high level (52 weeks or even near a record high), and there are no psychological barriers, because this is a “supply and demand” game, and once you understand all of this, things will just go naturally ~
        Here are some recent examples 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Trading style 👇
        Have a nice weekend~
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        • Ondo : How to understand supply demand

        • sTone83OP Ondo: Simply put, when the stock price reaches a 52-week/all-time high, there is almost no supply above it, so it is easy for a small amount of demand to continue to push up the price, because it is easier for the price to move in the direction of least resistance 🙂

        • Ondo sTone83OP: Thanks for sharing, I learned

        • MattSully : Thanks for sharing bro😊 Any other names on your list for a potential breakout?

        • sTone83OP MattSully: Some have just broken through, and some haven't. Be patient and wait for the stock to make a name for itself. There is no point in entering early. Control position size, remember to calculate stop loss in advance, good luck~

        • MattSully : Thank you for your kind wishes…. and your list of possible names. That’s awesome! 👍👍👍

          Good luck to you too!Smile

        • Cherry Cat : thanksSalute

        • Cherry Cat : For beginners, what is the difference between “supply and demand” and “pursuit”?

        • sTone83OP Cherry Cat: The new high distance created after breaking through the zero boundary of “supply and demand” is within 1-2% of the recent highest point of the consolidation zone. It is a low-risk, high-return trading area sought by traders;
          Trades above this range can be collectively referred to as “chasing higher.”
          The term “chasing high” is mostly used by some ignorant people to scare some new ignorant people, because their cognitive deficits make them unable to tell whether the new high that has appeared is an opportunity or a risk 🙂

        • Cherry Cat : Thank you very much.SaluteSaluteSaluteUnderstand and learn with your heartShy

        Trade What you see Not What you think:)