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Trade Selected ETFs and get up to S$425* cash coupons

Hey Mooers,
Exciting news! Trade selected ETFs (JK8-United SSE 50 China ETF,  CXS-UOBAM Ping An ChiNext ETF or GRN-UOB APAC Green REIT ETF) issued by UOBAM with Moomoo SG to receive up to S$425* cash coupons. Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion.
Trade Selected ETFs and get up to S$425* cash coupons
Campaign Period: 25 October 2023, 12:00AM SGT to 25 November 2023, 11:59PM SGT
Campaign Eligibility: Users who have opened a valid Moomoo SG universal account
Campaign Rewards:
First 30 users who subscribe to over S$5,000 of UOB AM ETFs - Get S$50 cash coupon
First 20 users who subscribe to over S$25,000 of UOB AM ETFs - Get S$125 cash coupon
Top 3 users with the highest subscription volume on UOB AM ETFs - Recevie S$300 cash coupon
To be eligible for the above rewards, users are required to:
- Purchase any of the 3 UOBAM funds as long as subsription amounts meet the requirement during the campaign period
- Maintain the subscription amount for a 30-day period starting from the subscription date. Any redemption will be considered ineligible for rewards.
What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ?
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are open-ended investment funds listed and traded on a stock exchange. They aim to track the performance of an underlying index or asset class. ETFs offer a myriad of benefits—including diversification, low costs, price transparency, flexibility and ability to buy.
Why UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) for ETFs?
Leading asset managers: UOBAM manages over S$31.6 billion in assets as of February 2023.
Strong presence in Asia: With 9 market presence in Asia including 6 in ASEAN, UOBAM can leverage each of its onshore Asian capabilities to provide investors with unique insights into the region's investment landscape.
Highly professional teams: Investors can benefit from UOBAM's diverse pool of fund managers, analysts and partners across major Asian markets including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
For more information on ETFs click here.
JK8 - SSE50China ETF
$UETF SSE50China(JK8.SG)$ is an index consisting of the 50 largest stocks of good liquidity listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The ETF aims to reflect the performance of leading and most influential large enterprises on the Shanghai securities market, which most concentrates on traditional industries such as finance, energy, raw materials and heavy industry.
Source: UOBAM
Source: UOBAM
As the world's second largest economy and the top exporter and importer of goods, China has the world's largest population of middle class income. With robust industrial capabilities and leading technological progress in several fields such as 5G/6G telecommunications, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and renewable energy.
CXS - Ping An ChiNext ETF
$UOBAM PINGAN CHINEXT S(CXS.SG)$ aims to track the ChiNext index, which comprises the 100 largest China A-Shares listed on ChiNext Board. The ChiNext Index encompasses a wide range of innovative growth companies and sectors such as electric vehicles, clean energy, robotics&ai, semiconductor, biotechnology abd cloud computing.
Source: UOBAM
Source: UOBAM
It offers a great opportunity to seize investment through China’s technological revolution. At the Central Economic Work Conference last December, China's top leaders identified several priorities for 2023 including:
1、Supporting technology innovation and green development
2、Promoting emerging strategic industries
3、Leading breakthroughs in key and core technologies
$UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ aims to replicate the iEdge-UOB APAC Yield Focus Green REIT index. Developed by SGX as part of the SGX iEdge product suite, in collaboration with UOBAM, the index selects and covers 50 higher-yielding REITs listed across the region that display relatively better environmental performance based on GRESB’s real estate assessment, and also meet the minimum liquidity requirements.
Source: UOBAM
Source: UOBAM
The APAC Green REIT tracks the performance of 50 APAC-listed REITs with focus on
• Higher yields through a yield-based selection process
• Green considerations through a green tilted weighting method, based on environmental attributes of real estate assets as assessed by GRESB
How to subscribe?
1. Open Moomoo App
2. Search one of the codes on Moomoo platform:
Enter subscription number, check the risk disclosure, and tap "submit"
Special Offer
An upcoming webinar "Unpacking ETFs" will be on 25 Oct, 5:00-6:00pm SGT, during the webinar
- Users who booked the webinar to get 10 Moomoo points (capped at the 1st 1,000))
- Ask 1 question to get 75 points.
- If your question gets selected, you can get 300 points.
-Surprise Quiz: Get 200 points if you answer the quiz question correct.
The registration link will be released HERE.
1. How will I know if I won the cash coupon?
You can check via the moomoo APP under "Me" tab > "Coupons".
2. When will I receive my rewards?
The reward will be credited to all qualifiers 1 month after the promotion period ends (within 5 working days). Terms and Conditions applies.
Once confirmed, the cash coupon will be credited to your universal account. Once the coupon is issued, there will be a message reminder. Please check via「moomoo app - Me - Coupons - Cash coupons」.
3. Where can I learn more about UOBAM ETFs?
4. Can I get the reward if the subscription amount of any of the three ETFs combined reaches the campaign requirement, or the subscription amount of the single one ETF needs to reach the campaign requirement?
You can get the reward if the subscription amount of any of the three ETFs combined reaches the campaign requirement during promotion period.
5. Is it necessary to subscribe up to S$5,000/ S$25,000 at one time or can I subscribe several times until the amount reach the campaign requirement?
You can subscribe several times until the subscription amount reaches the campaign requirement during the promotion period.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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