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Three interesting Starbucks experiences!

Hello Mooers!

Today, we'll talk about three intriguing Starbucks ( $Starbucks(SBUX.US)$ ) experiences.

Without further ado, go and grab your favourite Starbucks beverage before we begin.

1. Starbucks on a train.
Do you know that there was a time when travellers were given a one-of-a-kind offering from Starbucks on a train experience (*1). Travellers get to enjoy their favourite Starbucks drink together with their choice of muffin on the moveable leather club chairs while admiring the Swiss scenery.

2. Whipped cream options available
Although McDonald ( $McDonald's(MCD.US)$ ) has removed the whipped cream option from their frappes (*2), Starbucks continues to make the whipped cream option available for their customers . This truly shows that Starbucks values their customers and gives them choices to personalise their drinks.

3. Starbucks cards
These stored cards not only help Starbucks reduce processing expenses, but they also let them generate cash flow in advance and additionally act as a passive advertisement , resulting in natural sales growth (*3).

Aside from these benefits, the stored cards have attractive designs on durable plastic , which customers may keep as collectibles or even sell if they are limited edition, such as the three stainless steel, limited-edition cards embellished with Swarovski crystals in 2015 (*4).

Lastly, I think that Starbucks will continue to shine brilliantly and see a rise in sales , much like the consistent, growing dividends the company has paid to its shareholders and as long as it keeps coming up with new ideas for merchandising as well as food and drink.
Starbucks consistent, growing dividends
Starbucks consistent, growing dividends

Hmm... I wonder which Starbucks experiences Mooers wish to have. Mooers can vote on one or more of these experiences.

With Starbucks shining bright , it might be a good idea to visit their world's largest Starbucks Chicago Roastery on the city's Magnificent Mile to enjoy their ever-evolving menu of coffee , cocktails, and food. More details can be found at the following links:.
Starbucks Chicago Roastery
Starbucks Chicago Roastery Design

Oh, and one more thing: investors who want Starbucks and other stocks (e.g. $GE Aerospace(GE.US)$ , $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ , $Fidelity National Information Services(FIS.US)$ , $Broadcom(AVGO.US)$ , $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ ) in their portfolio can consider the following ETFs and mutual funds, which have at least 2.5% of their holdings in Starbucks.

We have come to the end of today's topic. Remember to show your support by follow, like , share and comment on this post and as always, don't forget to DYODD (Do your own due diligence) when making any kind of investment.

Thank you and Godspeed!


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