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        Nvidia crushes estimates again, but the alarm has been sounded?
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        Tech Partnership Uplifts This Stock by 9% with AI Manufacturing Venture

        Netweb Technologies India Limited (Netweb) has become a manufacturing partner for NVIDIA 's Grace CPU Superchip and GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip MGX server designs. Under its Tyrone range of AI systems, Netweb will produce over ten server variations catering to diverse AI and high-performance computing applications. The collaboration aims to target complex workloads, including HPC, data science, language models, edge computing, enterprise AI, and design and simulation, addressing India's growing demand for advanced AI technology. The initiative aligns with the Make-in-India vision, fostering the local manufacturing of cutting-edge AI technologies.

        The NVIDIA MGX modular reference design ensures seamless upgrades for future hardware generations, allowing Netweb's AI systems to handle various simultaneous workloads, such as AI training, inference, and 5G, on a single platform. Sanjay Lodha, Chairman and Managing Director of Netweb, highlighted India's potential in AI and praised NVIDIA's Make-in-India initiative, emphasizing the critical role of backend infrastructure in the success of generative AI and related technologies.

        Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director for South Asia at NVIDIA, emphasized that Netweb's Tyrone AI systems, based on NVIDIA MGX, will address enterprises' challenges in building the right AI infrastructure at a reasonable cost. The collaboration is poised to contribute to India's 'Make in India' mission, fostering a local ecosystem to meet the increasing demands for AI and accelerated computing applications in both government and private sectors.

        The partnership signifies a significant step in realizing the immense potential of AI in India and the Asia-Pacific region. With large Indian corporations investing in AI infrastructure development, Netweb's NVIDIA MGX platform-based portfolio is positioned to play a crucial role in building sovereign AI infrastructure, supporting India's ambitions and those of other nations in the AI landscape.$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$
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