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        StockTalk(8.14): Rakuten Group's shares soar: Is a turnaround in store for its mobile offering?

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        $Rakuten Group(4755.JP)$'s shares experienced a surge on Monday morning following the company's report of narrowing losses in its mobile unit and assurances regarding its debt coverage. The shares rose by 5.2% before settling at 596.9 yen. Rakuten has been facing consecutive quarterly losses due to the high costs of expanding its mobile network.
        However, the company's cost-cutting efforts, including a roaming agreement with KDDI, have shown positive results. Rakuten has listed its successful units, such as Rakuten Bank, to generate cash and consolidate its payments and points businesses into Rakuten Card. The company has also committed to reducing its debt burden through equity-related financing, with no additional gross debt expected. With these measures in place, Rakuten aims to manage its 1.9 trillion yen debt effectively.
        Are these positive developments a sign of a turnaround for the company's mobile offering? How will Rakuten's consolidation and debt reduction strategies impact its future growth prospects?
        Join us and share your thoughts on today's topic. Please leave a comment below to share your opinion with us. Your feedback is valuable, and we appreciate your participation.
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        • Andyyy : imo rakuten trade now the biggest broker in Malaysia Smile so face the bright future

        • Moomoo SGOP : What is your opinion on Rakuten Group's strategic initiatives? 
          Join us and share your thoughts on today's topic! Points are awaiting!Drool

        • ZnWC : Rakuten, Inc. has more than 70 services operating via the three segments: Internet Services, FinTech, and Mobile. It is often referred to as the "Amazon of Japan". It is a Japanese technology conglomerate based in Tokyo, founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997.

          In 2023, Rakuten partnered with Supermicro on high-performing Open RAN technologies and storage systems for operators of cloud-based mobile services. With a market cap of USD 8.54 (August 2023), the company is trying to turnaround the company mobile offering by consolidating and reducing debt. Personally I think we need more data ses if the company is developing positively.

        • Moomoo SGOP ZnWC:

        • mr_cashcow : Rakuten, used to use their services before they decided to region lock IP addresses and lock out potential customers since then have nv touch their services, lost faith & trust on the companySweats

        • Moomoo SGOP mr_cashcow:

        • mr_cashcow Moomoo SGOP: Haha it is more of a personal boycott because I had rack up quite a bit of rakuten points and before I was able to use up the points they lock me out of the services

        • Moomoo SGOP mr_cashcow: Got it! Hope you enjoy investing with moomoo!

        • 73690684 : Profitable in the near future
          And from the finance perspective, as mentioned before, well, recently our group and the business would become profitable in the near future and with that the actual cash flow would turn into positive and it’s evident that is the first thing and the sum of the first before starting a mobile business and we have been discounted. So, after Rakuten Mobile is actually undervalued, but we actually had the discount before that, so the equity market maybe miscommunication with the equity market, we are having a different way of thinking and also analysts and investors.
          Rakuten Group, Inc. (RKUNY) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript" data-render="ssr

        • 73690684 : We will be able to achieve breaking even point of Rakuten Mobile as quickly as possible
          As you can see, JPY23 billion to JPY25 billion per month is the world is what we can be able to achieve. This is feasible. So reducing the cost, at the same time, increasing the number of the subscription and ARPU, so we will be able to achieve breaking even point as quickly as possible.
          Rakuten Group, Inc. (RKUNY) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript" data-render="ssr

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