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SKG takeover of WRK - What is the value of synergy?

Smurfit Kappa Group (LSE SKG.L) is making a reverse takeover of WestRock Company (Nasdaq WRK). Both are in the packaging business. While both have global operations, the Eurozone accounted for a bigger portion of SKG business. US accounted for the bigger portion of WRK business.
The offer is 1 SKG shares plus USD for each WRK share. WKR is current trading at USD 40 per share while SKG is trading as GBP 29.
So how do you determine whether the deal is good for them? A fundamental analysis of both showed that they are fairly valued at the current market price.
But SKG has a much better operating track record than WKG and I estimated that if SKG could improve WRK operations the value of the combined entity to the shareholders would my higher by USD 17 per share. This is value of synergy.
The value of synergy comes from the lower Fixed costs, better operating returns and lower impairments with a combined operations compared to what each is doing separately.
If you want to know more or see whether there is an investment opportunity, go to “Smurfit Kappa: Leveraging Its Track Record To Create Value From The Proposed WestRock Acquisition”
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