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Shareholders have been substantially diluted in the past year, with total shares outstanding growing by 5502.3%.

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  • MikeyMikeMike : I played this about a year ago and doubled my investment. since then it's been a dead leg and haven't really had any interest.  what's your thoughts? you think it's a good time?

  • smoothshoe OP : I took a bath on this stock. The founder's compensation package is ridiculous. The stock price goes down, and his  salary goes up.  Investors have already sued once over his stock compensation. Until things change internally, the only hope of the stock price increasing is if it gets squeezed.

  • affable Eagle_2095 : This is going bk no doubt ! They are not even building any fucking thing . Scam ! Dm is a liar and con artist ! CEO is a proven criminal ! Uses pictures of Isuzu and relabels it’s Mullen ! Total scam ! The ceo has watered down the stock every time he needs more money for HIMSELF not the company

  • MikeyMikeMike smoothshoe OP: sound criminal to me.  I guess if you have enough money, you can rip anyone off.  too high float for squeeze in my opinion. I have no idea how volume is so high. dumb money must not know the difference.  maybe it's short vol fighting for short pennies. 🤔  waste of time to dd.