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$CN HEALTH TECH(01069.HK)$ these scammers lead you in on a US stock. you make some money then lead you into the Hong Kong exchange, and then pump and dump. I got duped as well.  Most of the real people are on Linkedin and you can reach out to them and confirm they are not in a stock picking  group / chat room.
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  • Dave18 : For all we know, these multiple scammers may be the same guy or outfit. If not, they were certainly all coordinating with each other on this scam!

  • 73574590OP : Here’s a good YouTube video. I wish I’d watch this before jumping in.
    I Joined a Pump and Dump Scheme So You Don't Have To.

  • BabyCoins : you never take these guys seriously.  they say stay in 2-3 days but if i come accross crazy of vol in a stock i'm usually in no more than 1-2 days. I always put in trailing stops the moment I make 35-40%. if it drops 7% i'm out of there.  I do the same on my heat map trades.  I don't walk away and use trade armor.  Trade armor is your friend agaisnt the pump and dumpers

  • 73574590OP : In the chat room I was in people were taking out second mortgages up to $500,000, or they were just saying that in their part of the scheme, however, I feel so sorry for people that borrowed a lot of money. Luckily, mine was less than 15,000 but that’s a lot for me.

  • 72954915 : There’s still hope … and pray that they resume trading so we can at least get some money back

  • Ed Glinecki : They got me too. I’m so ashamed and disappointed in myself. I am in for 66k… I feel like such a dumb ass. My scammer is still trying to say I was part of the panic that caused the sell off,,, I happen to be watching when it happened, and I called these guys directly on WhatsApp and message them several times. I had an opportunity to do an execution sale and I trusted these scammers, and tried to contact them first instead of just selling. I still feel like these guys got caught with their pants down and are holding on to a lot of shares. I can tell you this, soon as I get out of this, I’m getting rid of ‎WhatsApp.

  • nice Dove_3718 73574590OP: I definitely heard the same conversation

  • 73574590OP : The one day I forgot to put my stop loss on and it tanked the next day. The mobile app doesn’t let me put it GTC good till canceled. So I have to remember to do it every day and the one day I forgot. Screw me over have to use the PC app ensuring stop loss order is good till canceled.

  • GheeButter Dave18: It’s a whole house of these guys. One person can be 10 but fake people.

  • GheeButter :

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