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scammer stay away from him too.

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  • psm5888 : yup that's my guy. there's already a thread here with all these guys compiled into it, if you scroll down a bit

  • Jaguar8 : Did this guy scam you for the first time or you did have successful trades with him but went off with 1069? If it is your first time trading with him, then definitely a scammer. However, if you had success in his other trading plans, maybe he is one of those caught off guard too. A lot of scammers now. Don’t trust.

  • Jaguar8 : I checked on him and he is indeed a portfolio manager at Brown Advisory. The thing though is, he might be impersonating this person because that picture and name are legit. He might be pretending to be him. Better contact Mr Schuster at Brown Advisory so you can confirm.

  • 71289923OP : I trade with him many times and he was sure about hk stocks accurate but not In usa stock market...last time I trade all my money in 01069 bcoz of him. Now we don't know further action of company and market.

  • nice Dove_3718 : Thank you for the updates

  • BabyCoins : yeah they are using whote guys in the industries faces but it's not really any of them.  They're stealing folkd identity

  • Jaguar8 71289923OP: If this guy has led you to profitable trades before 1069, probably he is not scammer. Better reach out to the legit profile and confirm if it is him

  • gucci3x : It’s for a fact not him, the gentlemen in the picture is a university graduate from a big 10 university the way he communicates is like someone who’s from overseas using a translator lol

  • Jaguar8 gucci3x: 😂😂😂

  • 71189692 : Hi...are we all screwed...did anyone find these crooks?probably Chinese...

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