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        $$ How is the split calculated? If you h...

        $$ How is the split calculated? If you hold 1,000 shares. What will happen then?
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        • Jamsho holidayIng : 20

        • Waiting for ExD : means u will have 20 shares tmr

        • kyneoOP : The price will be 0.053? ? Is it better to sell it or keep

        • 103059786 kyneoOP: closing price x 50
          actually, it comes back to the sane, but just ppl will short n sell once new out even after rs done ( only few case when up )

        • 103059786 kyneoOP: if base on the current 0.053 x 50 = $2.65
          sell or hold is up to you
          After rs than low float n much more ez for short squeeze

        • kyneoOP : It's after tonight. Tomorrow's early trading price?

        • Jaguar8 103059786: No. It is 1 for 50 RS not 50 for 1. 1 new share is issued for every 50 old shares. So 1,000 shares become 20 shares after RS

        • easygoing Lyon : in my experience with RS you will have to wake up early(if selling is allowed) sell all you hold and wait till the 21st or 22nd to buy back below 2.70 (after rs)  aim for like 1.35 or 1.5 and buy but be ready to grab any lows and you may get a pump with the low float.  but people will be scared so be greedy on what your willing to pay.  the next few days will be a huge 50% or more drop followed by a recovery your best bet is sell and take the loss and buy low for the bounce or pump.  unless high volume just sell high rsi and bb (Bollinger bands) and buy low rsi and bb.  hope I helped.  I'm still a noob but I've been through a few rs and even bankruptcy and otc plays.