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NVIDIA reports record revenue: 10-for-1 split drives stock to new high
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Highlight NVIDIA's conference call Q&A and grab rewards!

$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ has released its Q1 FY25 earnings, and the share price has risen by 6% overnight.
What do you think will happen next? Discuss Nvidia's earnings conference call with mooers to find more hints now!
What to Look for on Earnings Conference Calls
Financial statements reflect only the company's past performance. Here's what you can find more from conference calls:
- Listening to the analysts' questions can give you insight into professional money managers' major concerns about the company.
- The analysis and forecasts will tell you where the company is now and what management expects to see in future performance.
- Significant performance deviations from previous estimates or significant revisions to future estimates are key details to focus on.
200 points: For mooers who post screenshots highlighting what you find important in Nvidia's Q1 Conference Call Q&A Summary.
Source: NVIDIA Q4 FY2024 Earnings Call Transcript
Source: NVIDIA Q4 FY2024 Earnings Call Transcript
Want to dig up more information on your own? Try moomoo's Conference Call Replay and AI Announcement Summary now! If you missed the live session or want to review any details, you can view live replay with subtitle anytime. AI summary distills the most important information, helping you quickly grasp the core content in management announcements.
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