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CES 2024: Will AI PCs be the next new favorites?
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Nvidia is taking generative AI on the road with its auto tech at CES 2024

Nvidia is known for powering AI capabilities for companies around the world via its high-powered graphics processors. But at CES 2024, the company is highlighting how it’s using those same capabilities to power its automotive ambitions.

Part of that includes Nvidia building out self-driving and advanced driver safety, as well as using generative AI to better understand vehicles or interpret what’s happening around a car.

“There's a massive amount of data that's being generated from all the cameras on the car, the radar, lidar [light detection and ranging] on this vehicle, and that has to be processed in real time,” Nvidia VP of automotive Danny Shapiro told Yahoo Finance, while seated in the front of Mercedes’s CLA concept car at CES 2024.

“That's when Nvidia comes in, providing the horsepower to take all that data, make sense of it, and understand exactly where the lanes are, where the potential hazards are, be able to read signs, check the lights, and so we're bringing that out now to make these vehicles safer to be an assistance feature for them,” Shapiro added.

And with software-updateable vehicles, Nvidia says automakers will be able to add additional assistance features over time, with the hope that future vehicles will eventually get to full autonomy. $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares ETF(SOXL.US)$
Nvidia is taking generative AI on the road with its auto tech at CES 2024
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