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        Nvidia has three more AI chips for China, circumventing US bans again

        When the US Commerce Department first imposed restrictions on companies, stopping them from supplying advanced chips and chipmaking equipment to China in October 2022, it impacted Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips. But it didn’t take long before Nvidia unveiled the A800, a pared-down version of the A100, as a workaround for export restrictions. Subsequently, in March 2023, Nvidia introduced the H800 as a substitute for the banned H100 chips, aligning its performance with the criteria set by the Commerce Department.
        For the US, the goal is simple: to curb China’s ability to produce cutting-edge chips for weapons and other defense technology. So, in an anticipated move, the US came up with fresh regulations in October this year, promptly limiting the export of both the A800 and H800 chips tailored for China. Nvidia’s initial strategy of an additional 30 days to fulfill more orders was rendered obsolete.
        Nvidia has three more AI chips for China, circumventing US bans again

        But Nvidia is determined to maintain its supply for China. After all, China’s revenue share of Nvidia’s data center business is around 20-25%, which grew 171% year-over-year last quarter, generating more than US$10 billion. The demand for Nvidia’s chip is too prominent to be ignored. So much so that the cost of an Nvidia AI chip on the underground market in China this past June had hit US$20,000, double the retail price.$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$
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