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NVIDIA's Q4 Earnings Blowout: Buy, sell or hold?
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NVIDIA Board Members Cash Out Nearly $200 Million as Shares Hit Record Highs

Two directors of NVIDIA, the world's largest chip company by market capitalization, recently sold about $180 million worth of the company's stock, becoming the latest group of NVIDIA insiders to cash out near record highs. Shares of the AI chip leader have been hitting all-time highs lately, following a 240% jump in 2023 and have risen as much as 79% since 2024, with NVIDIA shares hitting another all-time high in mid-day trading during U.S. trading hours on Wednesday, ultimately closing at $887.

Tench Coxe, who was managing director of venture capital firm Sutter Hill Ventures and has been a member of NVIDIA's board of directors since 1993, sold 200,000 shares of NVIDIA stock on March 5 at a price of $850.03 to $852.50, according to a disclosure document. But after reducing his stake in NVIDIA, Coxe still holds more than 3.7 million shares.

Stevens (Mark Stevens), who has been a director of NVIDIA since 2008, sold 12,000 shares of NVIDIA stock on March 4 at a price of $852.06 to $855.02.

Nvidia's stock price so far this year, "wildly soared" more than 79%, mainly because people are optimistic that the company's AI chips for artificial intelligence training / reasoning will continue to sell the world. NVIDIA closed at a record high price on Wednesday, five consecutive days to achieve substantial gains. NVIDIA has hit record highs so far this year, the current market capitalization of about 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars, in the S&P 500 index constituent stocks after Microsoft (Microsoft Corp.) and Apple (Apple Inc.), the two super technology giants.

Last month, after NVIDIA reported unparalleled results, some NVIDIA directors sold off a total of about 99,000 shares of NVIDIA stock, totaling about $80 million worth of shares sold internally at the time.

With the epochal significance of generative AI - ChatGPT came out, meaning that the world gradually stepped into a new AI era, since then not only the technology industry, all walks of life around the world on the NVIDIA AI chip - that is, used for AI training and inference The surge in demand for NVIDIA's A100/H100 chips for AI training and reasoning has led the tech giant to post strong and unparalleled performance figures that have stunned the world, following the previous three quarters. $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$
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