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Nvidia a shot, the funds followed the surge! "Nvidia speculation plate" completely on fire!

Recently, the hot U.S. stock market "NVIDIA speculation plate" to attract a large number of funds from around the world, one of the plate SoundHound AI soared nearly 79% last week, and Arm's stock price doubled in three days. Wall Street's well-known investment agency Wedbush Securities recently said that AI chip giant Nvidia announced that it has made strategic investments in several AI-related technology companies, including the recent surge in stock prices focused on the field of voice AI recognition company SoundHound AI, and these investments may just be the market capitalization of the more than a trillion dollar chip giant AI. Trillion dollar chip giant AI investment ambitions of the very beginning.

To Dan Ives (Dan Ives) led by Wedbush analysts wrote in an investor report: "We believe that these investments in AI-related technology companies is a positive indicator for NVIDIA, because these investments now further consolidate NVIDIA's brand effect in the AI revolution, Jen-Hsun Huang, the godfather of AI and NVIDIA are now supporting Armor. NVIDIA are now backing companies such as Arm $Arm Holdings(ARM.US)$ , SoundHound AI and Recursion Pharmaceuticals $Recursion Pharmaceuticals(RXRX.US)$ , and we believe this could be the start of a broader investment in tech companies, which is a clear tailwind."

In terms of ratings and price targets, Wedbush has an Outperform rating on SoundHound AI, one of the "NVIDIA speculative sectors" that has recently exploded in the U.S. stock market, and a $5 price target for the 12-month period. SoundHound AI has surged nearly 70% in the last week to close at $3.820 as of Friday.

In its latest 13F disclosure report for the fourth quarter ending in 2023, NVIDIA also disclosed its interest in chip design leader Arm (ARM.US), self-driving truck maker Tucson Future (TSPH.US), AI-focused pharma biotech Recursion Pharmaceuticals $Recursion Pharmaceuticals(RXRX.US)$ , and medical imaging technology developer Nano-X Imaging $Nano X Imaging(NNOX.US)$ .
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