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$NIO Inc (NIO.US)$ dun believe the so call experts here. Mos...

$NIO Inc(NIO.US)$ dun believe the so call experts here. Mostly came out when green only.

Just to share.

1.NIO phone is nothing and the future will be like Huawei.

2.Battery charging speed will improve and Swap stations will be useless. Imagine the money NIO spend on this turn to rubbish. BTW totally unsustainable

3.No demand is no demand dun fk say tooling or some another shit. NIO itself say they can produce how many vehicles per year! Go find out your self
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  • cash cow 888 : charge speed can increase, but then can an inbuilt battery sustain the same battery life throughout the life cycle compared to being able to switch out the battery as and when you wish?

  • NOOB212OP cash cow 888: You can't predict the future. Technology will improve maybe not now or maybe 2-3 year from now. Then what this swap stations can do?? Alot companies started researching this tech even NIO batteries supplier.

  • santk : In your own wirds, can’t predicted the future. China may make swapping mandatory or faster charging may result in much worse battery life than anticipated.

  • NOOB212OP cash cow 888: Btw, NIO very confident will their batteries right then why worries and NIO fast charge batteries in swap station too.  Dun make any difference Laugh

  • Dylinh : Battery charging will improve no doubt about that, but it won't be as fast as swapping out the battery.  Batteries have been out forever, but there is no way in hell a battery can be fully charged under 10 minutes or less SAFELY.

  • NOOB212OP santk: Yes yes yes China will do that. Dun worryLaugh because you watched too many YouTube video.

  • NOOB212OP Dylinh: Go research my friend. Dun say 10min.. If batteries can charge to 85% within 15min to 20 min now is better than having expensive swab station every where.

  • Dylinh NOOB212OP: Where's the proof that a vehicle can be charge to 85% in 15 to 20 minutes, besides I want a full charge not 80 to 90 percent charged.

  • NOOB212OP : I say If... because you say 10min. Batteries out from swap normally not 100%. Go watch bjorn nyland video on NIO. Btw I never say NIO car was bad definitely better than alot brands out there but swap is bad.

  • Dylinh NOOB212OP: how swapping is bad, as long you enter your vehicle Information correctly, you have a correct battery configuration that fits your vehicle.  Also, if the battery cells are bad, it doesn't cost you anything. unlike the battery that is locked to your vehicle, you will have to fork out thousands of $$$$ to have it replaced.

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