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New ……offensive began last night by U.S. & U.K. Warships firing Patriot missiles and the use of other munitions supplied by Raytheon and AeroVironment.

The unfortunate trajectory of what’s happening in the midddle east and new attack on U.S. military vessels, has now moved the needle from a defensive protection posture to a now, NEW and expected offensive cooordinated with The U.K. & U.S. Navy’s Rear Admiral confirmed that last night, …..War ships from both countries began firing offensive missiles in response to Yemen’s missile attack on commercial maritime vessels.
This is a completely new position, ……no longer just trying to take out incoming Iranian proxy airborne misiles etc,…. but last night began an entirely new offensive strategy involving the extensive use of patriot missiles , sidewinders, and others etc. to take out an entire slew of harbors, ammunition storage facilities, launch sites, and other strategic targets to cripple the Hooothie, Hezbolah , Hamaas, and other sites from Yemen and potentially several other offending countries that these attacks are coming from.
He also mentioned that this is not likely to be a “one and done” type of event and that it is likely to go on for some time, before they expect to be able to sufficiently suppress the ability to launch so many attacks,,,,, which the Navy just doesnt have the assets available to simply keep on defending the ever increasing number of incoming strikes at commercial vessels for a sea the size of the state of California to try to ensure the safe passage of commercial ships all up and down the Red Sea simultaneously.
So… it apppears its time to drown the Hoothie rats by disabling or secerely curtailing their ability to launch these missiles and wharehouse them as well.
Raytheon is liely to be one of, if not the primary supplier of the munitions used in this type of deployment of military assets. And these particular mssiles are VERY expensive.
So…… Im not the expert in the room here on the topic. But I do know what Raytheon is supplying and it kinda fits right in the lane of where this has apparently been heading simce the attacks have not been slowed by any other means.
The fact that Raytheon is one of heaviest shorted stocks traded, second only to Tesla ( dollar wise) this could make for one hell of a short squeeze and then some. ……. I guess well have to wait and see…..but I am now LONG both of these until we get durther news and guidance as to where this may or may not go…….. BTW,… AeroViroment( AVAV) is the other major player in these munitions.
God bless and keep our men and women in the armed forces safe.
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