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My Foresight

There are several pronounced reasons behind the stagnation of the share prices of Chinese companies. The first reason is the ongoing distrust betwen the Chinese gov and USA gov. This has deterred US’s funds from investing in the Chinese companies. As long as the wall of distrust remains, the share price of Chinese companies will remain stagnant. Secondly, the rise of Xi’s administration has brought an enviroment in which common prosperity is favoured. Tighter policies in securities invesment initiated by the Xi’s administration bring less inclination for overseas and local investors to invest their money in companies listed at HKSE. Unless Xi’s administration collapses, the HKSE will remain unattractive destination for investors to invest their money. In addition, the Chinese investors are now perhaps very weary of their government. Should there by any sharp rebound in the HKSE, they would sell their shares instead of holding them for the long term. This is to mitigate any future risk associated with the shifts of the Chinese government towards stock investment.
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