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        Mooers' Stories
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        Mooers' Stories | Investing while young: A 21-year-old's stock market journey guided by a father's wisdom

        Hi, mooers. Welcome back to Mooers' Stories, where we present mooers' insights and experiences. At the crossroads of education and real-world experience, @LiangShen, as a 21-year-old university student, made a mark by securing fourth place in the moomoo US stock paper trading competition for Malaysian users last month.Party
        What’s behind his impressive showing in the paper trading competition, and how does he balance the books of study with the charts of trading? Join us as we unpack his journey, a blend of a father's seasoned insights and a young trader's eager exploration of the stock market.Waddle
        📚 Brief introduction: A student in accounting trades in the stock market, learning from his father and seeking hands-on experience alongside his studies.
        Mooers' Stories | Investing while young: A 21-year-old's stock market journey guided by a father's wisdom
        🔍 What is your educational background? Do you have formal training in finance or economics?
        Basically, right now I am pursuing Accounting courses but have free time, I will do my own trading.
        🔍 What initially sparked your interest in the stock market and investing?
        Most importantly, you can earn more extra money during your free time while studying at university. Basically, my father also does trading (I learned from my father - that’s also my starting point for my trading adventure) Right now I just invest a little money, and most importantly I want to gain more experience first.
        📈 Investing Journey: Forging his path in trading, LiangShen applies a FIFO approach to swing trading, blending lessons from his father with his own market observations.
        Mooers' Stories | Investing while young: A 21-year-old's stock market journey guided by a father's wisdom
        🔍 How did you learn to invest at the beginning?
        My father taught me the basics. But he mostly uses fundamentals and news indicators to trade, while I focus more on using technical analysis. I also do my own research and learn from Bursa Academy. Every morning I must look at the morning news first before starting a new trading day.
        🔍 How would you describe your investing style? (For example, are you a value investor, growth investor, swing trader, etc.?)
        Right now, swing trader. But in the future, I also will choose to be a value investor. (if I have enough extra money Shy)
        🔍 Do you have a specific risk management strategy?
        Don’t have a hope strategy during trading. If you have already touched the profit point, just take profit, and don’t be too greedy. If you have already dropped below the cut loss point, just stop trading, learn from your mistakes, and take note next time.
        🔍 Are there any impressive cases you can share? Like your best trade ever?
        Have 1 stock, if I don’t make a mistake, I think it is YTL.
        At that time (April/May), I used technical and news indicators. I saw YTL's comment on the KLSE screener (it says that it will relaunch HSL), and I also saw big volume trading after this news came in.
        My father also told me not to miss the changes, and I also invested at 0.59, but unfortunately, I exist too early at around 0.9 but my father still holds until now. My father baru adalah my sifu 🤣 (My father is my master)
        🏆 Competition journey: Engaged in moomoo's paper trading challenge, using FIFO and market indicators like MACD/EMA to navigate and master market trends.
        🔍 How did you get started in stock trading and what led you to join the moomoo paper trading competition?
        I saw the Shane Choo Facebook page has been promoted, and I participated in it. Heard that the moomoo trading fee is quite low compared to others, that’s why I tried to participate moomoo paper trading competition. Moomoo has also already launched in many countries (has a lot of promotion haha)
        🔍 How was your experience using the moomoo platform?
        I think the moomoo app is OK because I can always read the news and report the same as the KLSE screener and see the live earning conferences from the US directly compared to others that just provide trading services only. Most important is the ability to see the comments (everyone can also exchange opinions about certain stocks).
        🔍 Can you describe the main strategy you employed during the competition?
        For US stock competition, I mainly see the volatility of the market because the US market is very active. I used my own trading strategy (FIFO Entry Signal) Fast in First Out. ENTRY SIGNAL VALID = Close above breakout point. Because only 1-month competition, need to earn more faster. I also relied on MACD and EMA 20/40. The volume also needs to be considered.
        🔍 How do you balance trading or investing with your daily life, work, and other commitments?
        I set my trading limit to maybe only 1 time per day. If we always monitor, I think that’s no chance for us to win. But US stock TNC is OK because they must trade above USD 5.
        🔍 Which trade was the most successful or decisive one to make you win the prize?
        I only choose stocks that seem to have breakouts and also have a big trading volume because I want to earn more money faster in a day. Like my FIFO trading plan. Because of volatility, I only trade 2 to 4 trades. I monitor the TOP GAINERS during the first 1-2 hours after the open market. CCG Cheche Grp (18 Sept). FBYD Falcon (18-24 Oct).
        🔍 How do you plan to adapt or change your strategies for real-world trading based on your experience in this paper trading competition?
        Basically, I just put my entry order point (if my order is filled, I will put my sell order), and set a reminder if I drop below the stop loss point. And let it be (have class, cannot always monitor). Also, keep learning.
        📑 Lessons Learned: Always follow the trend (Trend is your best friend). I always say this. :)
        Mooers' Stories | Investing while young: A 21-year-old's stock market journey guided by a father's wisdom
        🎁 Interactive Activity
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        Notes: We encourage benign and in-depth interaction, from which all mooers can learn from each other, helping our community members be more courageous and not alone in the investing journey.
        We truly appreciate @LiangShen for sharing his inspiring experience with us!Heart Feel free to interact with him if you have anything to say!
        Just in case you didn't know, you can also be the one to tell the story! There is also a chance for your story to get more exposure to multi-channel media. Interested? Comment below to let us know!
        Thanks for your time. See you next time! Blowing Kisses
        *Notes: All information comes from the interviewee and is published with the interviewee's consent. The testimonial provided herein may not represent other customers' experience and does not guarantee future performance or success. Your experience may be different than the ones represented here. All contents, such as comments and links posted or shared by users of the community are the opinion of the respective authors only and do not reflect the opinions, views, or positions of Moomoo Financial Inc., Moomoo Technologies, any affiliates, or any employees of MFI, MTI or its affiliates. Please consult with a qualified financial professional for your personal financial planning and tax situations. Moomoo may share or provide links to third-party content. Doing so is intended to provide additional perspective and should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of any chat room, channel, services, products, guidance, individuals, or points of view.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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          Topic: What else do you want to know about @LiangShen ? Any other topics you wanna discuss with him? Comment below to let us know.

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          Leave your comments now!!Waddle

        • ZnWC : Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories. Here are my questions:
          1. As a swing trader, on what basis do you select your stock? Volatility, trade volume or company fundamental?
          2. What technical analysis tools do you use for your swing trade in particular?
          3. How do you monitor your profit/loss? Do you use ROI?

        • Mooers LabOP ZnWC:

        • sususans : Can you share any tips on how you stay disciplined/keep emotions out of your trading (avoid greed/cut losses)? Is your once-a-day limit just practical (you have classes otherwise), or is that something you’ve imposed on yourself to keep from obsessing (or both)?

        • CasualInvestor : If I want to diversify my 10k dollars by investing in stocks and funds. What percentage should I distribute my cash into.
          Is 10k sufficient or will more cash means better investment plans due to barrier of entry?

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        • Kevin Lehmann : aggressive  uys

        • Meme_Short_Queen : Do you go after meme stocks?

        • 浦东机场给你电话 : Support similar topics. It's been a great benefit!

        • 102362254 : Question: Could you elaborate on your approach to researching and evaluating potential trading opportunities?

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