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        Mooers' Stories
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        Mooers' Stories | From accidental entry to victory, unveiling @Jcheng01's Paper Trading Competition journey

        Hi, mooers. Welcome back to Mooers' Stories, where we present mooers' insights and experiences. As the dust settled on the Moomoo US Stocks Paper Trading Competition in Malaysia, @Jcheng01 surged ahead to claim the top spot.
        Winning the first prize wasn't a stroke of luck, it might be attributed to the calculated moves and a unique approach. Intrigued by his ascent, we got him on board for an enlightening conversation. Dive deeper, and you'll be inspired by what he had to say! Curious? Let's delve in.Smart
        📚 Brief introduction: Self-taught trader with a passion for learning and an active lifestyle
        Mooers' Stories  | From accidental entry to victory, unveiling @Jcheng01's Paper Trading Competition journey
        🔍 How did you learn to invest at the beginning?
        I have a diploma in business and a degree in Finance. But it's my brother who inspires me, as he is also studying finance for his degree. But he taught me only basic knowledge also. I mainly learn from the internet, but most of the things I learn are about forex. For the mental part about the investment, I suggest reading Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad & Poor Dad, Market Wizard, and Trading in the Zone. Three of these are more on mindset, and other books I read are more on trading forex.
        🔍 Are there any hobbies or activities you engage in outside of trading?
        I am sporty, gym, basketball, swim, badminton, jogging, hiking, and cycling. I like to spend time with friends and family. :)
        📈 Investing Journey: From scalping to strategy, forex to stocks, Jcheng keeps learning
        Mooers' Stories  | From accidental entry to victory, unveiling @Jcheng01's Paper Trading Competition journey
        🔍 Are there specific sectors or industries you gravitate towards when making investment decisions?
        Yes, sustainable business is important. So I will do research on the business nature or what the company plans to do in the future. Like Tech companies and the oil industry.
        🔍 How do you typically handle market volatility or downturns? Do you have a specific risk management strategy?
        Only risk the money you can afford, so you don't get emotional. Having risk management is more important than having a trading strategy. 60% of the money must be safe (saving/insurance), 20% for your own life, and 20% for investment.
        🔍 How do you balance trading or investing with your daily life, work, and other commitments?
        Work from 10- 7 pm, analysis only takes me 10 minutes maybe, and the fundamental analysis is easy to check, mostly start looking for the opportunity at 4 pm until I sleep. I don't have many commitments so there is not that much stress on the financial part. I don't waste my money on luxury things that I don't need, or trendy, mostly spend on food. Now I am trying to fit the Malaysian stock market into my schedule
        🏆 Jcheng01's paper trading competition journey: Accidently joined the competition, only traded 2 companies, and ended with a last-minute triumph
        Mooers' Stories  | From accidental entry to victory, unveiling @Jcheng01's Paper Trading Competition journey
        🔍 How was your experience using the moomoo platform?
        User friendly. Easy to use. If full marks are 10, I will give 8!
        🔍 Can you describe the main strategy you employed during the competition?
        Find the most potential that will have the most probability to flow, and get in before the surge starts (because it is near the end of the competition, there is no way to grow slowly). Since this is virtual trading, I didn't use risk management here.
        🔍 Were there any specific indicators or tools that you relied on heavily during the competition?
        I am a naked trader, analyzing cleanly. Sometimes I will use MA 50. I don't cut losses easily, cause I have already made a decision before I get into a trade.
        🔍 How did you decide on which stocks to invest in and when to make your moves during the competition?
        New List, or the most impacted by the news.
        I found FBYD just listed on NASDAQ. It didn't surge at that time, but I thought maybe that the market had not yet found this, because listed on the Nasdaq will potentially increase the volume.
        Marathon Digital is because if there is a war, bitcoin might have the same impact as gold, so I decided to invest in Marathon Digital.
        So you can see my portfolio only traded 2 companies which are Marathon and Falcon.
        🔍 How did your previous trading experiences (if any) help you in this competition?
        I traded in crypto in the past and mainly focused on forex. Third year in the market. Now I can make money from forex, so I want to learn more from the stock market to diversify my money. Then I downloaded this app and found this competition. I have 0 experience in the stock market, but I know how fundamental analysis affects the market.
        🔍 How do you think paper trading competitions differ from real-world trading, and how has this competition prepared you for real investments?
        Difference: There is no emotional impact in paper trading competitions. In real life, emotion will affect the decisions we make, but paper trading helps to know what strategy is suitable for you.
        💡 Lessons learned: Follow your strategy. Do your own research. Risk management is the most important thing.
        Mooers' Stories  | From accidental entry to victory, unveiling @Jcheng01's Paper Trading Competition journey
        🔍 What key lessons or insights have you taken away from this competition that you think could benefit other traders?
        Follow your strategy. Do your own research. Risk management is the most important thing. Don't only look for profit, look for the risk that you take. If you decide to get into a trade, don't regret the decision you made if you lost, learn from it.
        🔍 After winning this competition, what are your next steps or goals in the world of trading?
        Find people really have a passion for trading, no matter forex, crypto, or stock. People really make money, share experiences and knowledge, and learn from each other.
        🔍 How do you plan to adapt or change your strategies for real-world trading based on your experience in this paper trading competition?
        Maybe will risk 5% of my portfolio to do the same as this paper trading competition because this is a risky trade actually.
        Interactive Activity
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        Topic: What else do you want to know about @Jcheng01? Any other topics you wanna discuss with him? Comment below to let us know.
        1. 30 points for mooer who raises insightful and @Jcheng01-related questions
        2. 70 points for @Jcheng01's every reply to mooers' questions
        ⏳Duration: From now to Nov. 30 23:59 ET
        (Rewards will be distributed within 5–10 working days after the activity ends.)
        📝Notes: We encourage benign and in-depth interaction, from which all mooers can learn from each other, helping our community members be more courageous and not alone in the investing journey.
        We truly appreciate @Jcheng01 for sharing his inspiring experience with us! Feel free to interact with him if you have anything to say!
        Just in case you didn't know, you can also be the one to tell the story! There is also a chance for your story to get more exposure to multi-channel media. Interested? Comment below to let us know!
        Thanks for your time. See you next time!
        *Notes: All information comes from the interviewee and is published with the interviewee's consent. The testimonial provided herein may not represent other customers' experience, and does not guarantee future performance or success. Your experience may be different than the ones represented here. All contents, such as comments and links posted or shared by users of the community are the opinion of the respective authors only and do not reflect the opinions, views, or positions of Moomoo Financial Inc., Moomoo Technologies, any affiliates, or any employees of MFI, MTI or its affiliates. Please consult with a qualified financial professional for your personal financial planning and tax situations. Moomoo may share or provide links to third-party content. Doing so is intended to provide additional perspective and should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of any chat room, channel, services, products, guidance, individuals, or points of view.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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