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Last call for paper trading competition!

Hi, mooers. Our paper trading competition is coming to a close in just 9 days. Don't forget, September 30 is the last day to compete. We've been impressed by the posts submitted and want to thank everyone for participating. Let's see how mooers have performed in the competition so far.
Last call for paper trading competition!
@102501996: "Day 1 attempt"
Last call for paper trading competition!
@NANA123: "moomoo makes it easy for me to use paper trading to grow my understanding of the stock market."
Last call for paper trading competition!
@Sam White: "Although the first day's trade seems not very well, down about 4%, everything will be fine, I believe ;)"
Last call for paper trading competition!
It's been great to see so many mooers jumping into the competition, experiencing both gains and losses. We've also noticed that some mooers are unsure about how to share their P/L records in paper trading. To help, we've created a simple guide:
Step 1: Tap "Papertrade" in the "Discover" tab
Step 2: Tap the "Today's P/L" to view your profit or loss for the current trading day
Last call for paper trading competition!
Moomoo's paper trading feature offers a risk-free way to practice your trading skills and experience both gains and losses. This is an excellent opportunity that you won't want to miss! By participating in the paper trading competition, you could win as much as C$1,000.
Tap here to join the paper trading competition today >>
Are you looking to connect with other mooers and gain insights about the paper trading competition? Let us know your primary interest by voting below.
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