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GameStop mania again: Retail traders bet on strong earnings
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Investors Directly Register 25% of the Company’s Outstanding Sharess

For nearly three years, GameStop's - Get Free Report dedicated community of retail shareholders has approached "traditional" trading structures with skepticism — particularly in the aftermath of various short squeezes involving GameStop shares. This community, seeking greater autonomy in the stock market and aiming to break free from brokers, has actively sought to make it more challenging for short sellers to execute trades.

A significant number of these shareholders have united on social media platforms such as Reddit to advocate for the direct registration of GameStop shares. Notably, since the start of this mass registration effort, GameStop has disclosed the number of shares directly registered with its transfer agent, Computershare, in its quarterly filings.
According to GameStop's third-quarter (Q3) filing, "As of November 30, 2023, there were approximately 305,514,315 shares of our Class A common stock outstanding. Among these outstanding shares… approximately 75.4 million shares of our Class A common stock were held by registered holders with our transfer agent (making up approximately 25% of our outstanding shares) as of November 30, 2023."

This 25% represents shares primarily held by retail investors, who, theoretically, are less inclined to engage in frequent trading. It's noteworthy that the figures released in Q3 mirror those of Q2, indicating that the number of GameStop shares registered with the transfer agent has remained unchanged.

This underscores the conviction of retail investors to hold onto their shares despite a substantial price drop in the second half of 2023. $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ $GameStop(GME.US)$
Investors Directly Register 25% of the Company’s Outstanding Sharess
Investors Directly Register 25% of the Company’s Outstanding Sharess
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