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$Intuitive Machines (LUNR.US)$ its sideways after much plann...

$Intuitive Machines(LUNR.US)$ its sideways after much planning
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  • Rockhoundj : We all already know this 😂

  • Amp : The machine didn’t malfunction though. The company built a well made quality machine

  • Maddtrinity : yeah, and? I don't think you know what has happened regarding our moon landings. When we first sent astronauts to the moon they ended up landing in the way of the sun and could not see trying to get out and we're unsure if they were even on semi smooth ground. they could have landed on a rock or slope jumping out but they were lucky. This time we just happened to land at an angle but it doesn't change the fact it's still successful in the eyes of the prime directive and is fulfilling it's mission as we speak.

  • 101652906OP Maddtrinity: so why that particular spot for it to fall?

  • Maddtrinity 101652906OP: lol, might be hard for you to believe but the moon isnt flat undefined it's like base jumping in unfamiliar territory blindfolded and with no knees.

  • 101652906OP Maddtrinity: sure. if believe the 70s landing was real and we suddenly stop doing that for 50 years. and now the machine go sideways. why has the goverment stop landing for 50 years and what prospects does this company see for landing on the moon which the government already have the ability but stop for some 50 years ?