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Recent Bitcoin volatility: What's the way forward?
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Indicators are moving into bearish territory for a lot of crypto names. If we don't see a bounce very soon, like next week, then it could get ugly.

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  • BelleWeather : Uh oh, Microstrategy, too? (Confused by the ticker and title.)

  • U got Fomo : Something MUST happen next week with the volatility here.. I have my money and entry points on alert! Will definitely be watching this one closely this week.

  • SpyderCallOP BelleWeather: Since microstratedy holds so much bitcoin, it moves in sentiment with other names in the crypto industry. I changed the title to minimize the confusion.

  • BelleWeather : Thanks!

  • BelleWeather : Oh dear. I have been looking from a TA perspective, and agree. I will make some changes pre-market to buffer volatility (my remaining shares are for medium and long term holding.) Probably transfer of assets from another portfolio, though. I’m hoping that will prove unnecessary, but the pre-halving dip may be self-fulfilling prophecy, even with institutional players in the game. I’ve been investing in some fashion, all my life, and have been largely focused on it the last few years, I’d not realized I’m such a beginner!

  • SpyderCallOP BelleWeather: I'm expecting a pre-halving dip also. Or even a dip immediately after the halving. But new highs will be made eventually.
    I don't see a lot of people talking about any king of dip at all.

  • BelleWeather : True. They don’t, really, here or other forums. I’m not sure if that’s because they expected volatility going in? But many trade actively, so I’m not sure why that is. I actually have seen the sentiment that there will be a rise leading up to halving, then a sell the news dip after. I’m pretty inured to the drastic swings, especially as they’ve grown less so of late. And happy to have invested when MSTR was sub $200, but I need to be more cautious than I have been, as I’m maximally invested right now. As in, any funds I don’t need are in the markets and pay checks go immediately to my taxable Fidelity account (helps with mindful spending because I hate opportunity cost!) And margin calls aren’t fun, either. What do you think is causing this dip and may deepen it? And catalyst for after the halving for a dip?

  • BelleWeather : Overall, I agree new highs are coming. And I really hope that buy in continues from large players so the ride gets less crazy.

  • BelleWeather : Oh, and to add to the confusion, Microstrategy doesn’t always move the same direction as BTC!

  • AbdulK : One of my mentor says, watch out for 73.5k for btc. Untill then bullish. It is showing the same signs pre mkt

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