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$Lyra Therapeutics (LYRA.US)$ Imagine investing in LYRA for ...

$Lyra Therapeutics(LYRA.US)$ Imagine investing in LYRA for the last 4 years and 1 single trial completely obliterates any chance for you and other investors to get a return and sends the company into bankruptcy. 1 single trials success either made or broke the entire company. Government has too much power nah what the heck man we going up fr fr
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  • jimmy james mendoza : Or what if the medical institutions or "big pharma" is run by a group of politically and morally corrupt people who let's say thrive on money and power.  And would go as far as creating diseases and viruses to disperse on civilizations to gain more of both.  Then what if these same power hungry greed filled animals were intricately connected to and through governments of the world.  Could it be possible for them to take the knowledge they've acquired throughout history from research and development, which they have patents to therefore limiting others access to, which is paid for by the people's tax money or slave work and then set up similar unsuccessful individual research experiments and give them a business license and a business name in order to conveniently add them to the corrupt stock market for the sole purpose of using them as non stop, passive, money making rug pulls?

  • jimmy james mendoza : although I do believe that this share price will go up but not before them taking it back down to those levels of yesterday's lows to scare off or shake out any weak handed traders...

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