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        Huge insider buy!

        $Rain Oncology(RAIN.US)$ Insider bought close to 300K shares over the last 3 days!Twirl
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        • Jaguar8 : You think it’s a good buy for over the weekend hold?

        • TrytosaveabitOP Jaguar8: I believe I will wait to see what happens PM Monday? But that’s me! To be honest I do believe it’s at a good price now, especially before the slight bump this evening, but still a good price! GLTwirl

        • Jaguar8 TrytosaveabitOP: I’ll wait Monday

        • TrytosaveabitOP Jaguar8: Who knows maybe get a nice pullback to a 1.00? But the company is good and the insider buy tells me that some type of good PR may be coming? I’m not using as a day trade, im buying for a swing! Because I really do like the company! It actually paid me pretty decent earlier in the year! Have a great weekend Twirl

        • Jaguar8 : What is the difference between a swing trade and day trade? Sorry I’m not so adept to trade terms

        • Jaguar8 TrytosaveabitOP: I already got it. Googled it😂

        • TrytosaveabitOP Jaguar8: A day trade is buying and closing the same day! A swing trade can be same day but normally you buy at a good price with the intent of holding for a few days to a few weeks/months because you know it’s a good price now but really see it going up in the future. Just not sure when? Or knowing a catalyst is coming soon! Again getting in at a low price before the catalyst! Hope that helpsTwirl

        • TrytosaveabitOP Jaguar8: Yeah sorry it takes me a bit longer to type! I only have use of 1 arm! Hehehe! So yeah a bit slow!Twirl

        • Jaguar8 TrytosaveabitOP: No worries

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