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Meme moment is back: Will Roaring Kitty's livestream ignite surge again?
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How to play with Amc for All Apes. If you know how to play the game you can win.

This is the way. when you buy Amc it should be near the 52 week low. Thats the price that you buy. To be long you should buy when its red. When the price is green dont buy. You wont be in the red on days like today. You can sell a percentage of your shares on big green candles and the shorts will bring down the price along with AA selling shares to where they were before a big run up. Buy back again to gain more shares than before. AA and the shorts will keep selling until the debt decreases big time. the end of 2026 is when things will turn around. Then the price will run and stay in the ath range. After more dulltion and short attacks. Now with things changing with the cat and t1 will speed things up and less fuckery will be going on.But the bad actors still have time to bring the price down and cheat retail and will be able to get away with shit.Alot of apes bought Amc when it was very low while some didnt. but the right to buy comes every qtr a few times. i dont know if this will ever moass but play Amc smart because its so easy to predict now and get some money back if you are down. everyone made money but alot of apes didnt. they benefited from apes holding and diamond hands. Fuck them they are not holding for us. So we keep buying and own all the shares at the lowest price possible.They will reget fucking around with super apes! 2 years the most from now if do this play right you will make some big profits becuz of the super apes aint going nowhere. Nothing is over!
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AMC GameStop everyday! dont comment dum shit if you dont even have a wife for me!