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How the rich get richer

There is a saying amongst the rich "If you want something, make it so that no one else wants it. If you have too much of something make it so everyone wants it."
This is their fundamental aspect for the purpose of the market. For example, say Budweiser CEO's and directors wanted to buy more stock shares, well they arent going to pay the going rate for them, that would take too long to make a profit. So instead they choose an ad campaign they know their demographic will hate thus causing a boycott of their product which will crash the stock price. After it crashes they buy all the stock shares they want for cheap. Once bought they change their ad campaign to something that appeals to their demographic and the stock returns to its original price plus some. Now the reason this works is because the product never changed, only its image which works only in an environment where the people are superficial and are easily manipulated by public opinion.
Hedge funds and banks do it with stock shares from offerings. The stock crashes from adding the shares, and then using dark pools they short it down with half of the shares  then theres a lull because it takes on average 2-3 months to process the shares into being tradeable. When they finally receive the shares they then use half to cover the short shares which causes the stock price to rise and then investors want the shares since this is happening. They can then sell off their shares for a huge profit, after which the stock then falls because of there being too many shares available.
Too counter this an investor must become more patient than the banks and hedgefunds. A patient investor would buy $Carbon Revolution(CREV.US)$ because it has a predictable chart due to low volume. Lower volume makes it so the short shares are applied over a 3 month period and then are covered over a 3 month period. So you would buy CREV at 10.15 on its pullback and then wait until about May 24 when the price has reached 35.00 to sell. It's triple your investment but requires a 3 month wait. The banks know there arent a lot of retail investors willing to wait that long. Hell I cant even get any of them to wait a couple of weeks for a huge profit.
Top stocks this week:
$Infobird Software(IFBD.US)$ will run in a huge way soon. Im holding for 20.00.
$NexImmune(NEXI.US)$ closed right where it needed to for a Monday run to 12.50.
$Datasea(DTSS.US)$ waiting on 5.80 to buy this week.
$Minim(MINM.US)$ has reached its pinnacle. A breakout to 14.00 is coming early in the week.
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