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HEAL ❤️‍🩹

Check this out… me hoping and saying this stick will go up a few cents is definitely not a strategy. Maybe to keep a positive spirit and all. High spirit = high stocks? Let’s be honest 🤦🏾‍♂️ Accept the losses that’s how we grow. We are all adults, I would hope. This is part of the healing ❤️‍🩹 process.
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  • Lessons Learned : There’s no doubt I was greedy. I should of done my homework. I took my money out of google and put it here.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish stock market elite-158  leader dies of horrible death/diseases. At the same token, since my money is here, in no shape or form whatsoever that I wish this stock delisted or completely tank to 0 with my hard earned money. For now on I will say no to the drugs/stocks that work at night while I’m asleep. For sure not order any stock on a platform that doesn’t trigger the stop loss.

  • Lessons Learned : Better yet I wish that mofo gets glioblastoma stage 4 and die in a couple months.

  • LolaEmpire369 Lessons Learned: Let’s not say that. Karma is a tremendously fair BITCH! We don’t need to wish ill… but our angels know their names. When deserved, they’re not so kind ;)

  • Lessons Learned LolaEmpire369: Well if karma is that, all I should get is good coming my way. Surely in this lifetime I haven’t done anyone wrong yet and not planning to. So let the angels of death strike them dead.

  • LolaEmpire369 Lessons Learned: Exactly my point… we cannot allow them (evil), change who we are. We’re good people. Let’s not change that because of actions of bad people. Cuz if we do, evil wins twice. Keep the faith, and good will come. Perhaps not from this stock, but from some other source. LETS KEEP THE FAITH 🙌

  • Lessons Learned LolaEmpire369: Thank you. In my frustration the God that I serve, save and kill as well. In the Bible I read so many passages where He killed ( parted the Red Sea a swallowed the Pharaoh Army). I am a believer, I pray for both good and bad for people that does me wrong. With that said, they need to die of horrible diseases/death and seven generations of their’s in Jesus name. Amen

  • 71421382 : Hi I have lost a good bit of cash on this stock and I accept that, is there anyone willing to help me or advise me on stocks to make back my cash?

  • Lessons Learned 71421382: I haven’t accepted yet. It will take me years to recover if that. Still hoping for a miracle. My pockets are empty. Can’t even buy anything.  Just waiting and watching

  • Rayados69 : Take the lost
    To invest is money extra
    Here to sell and have only 5k 6k
    Is nothing so
    Better just wait and see and don’t get upset
    O angry

  • Lessons Learned Rayados69: I am trying not to be upset but every time I look at chat some people are making disturbing comments. To say the least I wish that I can use those investment leaders guru as a target on the range.

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