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Guess the Fund Recap: Which sectors are mooers bullish on?

Hi, mooers!
In April, we launched the "Guess the Fund" event and invited our community members to predict the most promising funds for the following month.
Over the last six months, we have offered events that explored a range of themes, including US stocks, precious metals, Chinese technology, AI, and oil energy. To facilitate discussion among our community members, we selected some funds from the "Fund Houses" section on moomoo for mooers to predict and analyze their trends for the upcoming month. We were thrilled to see a high level of engagement from our users, with many actively participating in voting and sharing their valuable insights.
Let's take a look back at our last five events together! Which funds yielded the best results? What valuable insights did mooers share? Who were the top performers in predicting the performance of the funds?

Event Review
The technology sector has always been highly valued by mooers.
In April, many investors predicted that the US stock market would become more volatile in the second quarter, potentially leading to more opportunities for active funds. To explore this trend, we selected five popular US stock funds from moomoo. Out of these funds, $Neuberger Berman US Real Estate Securities Fund(IE00B0T0GQ85.MF)$ emerged as the top performer, with an NAV increase of 2.70% in April.
Some mooers believed that as interest rate hikes approached an end, there is still significant upside potential for technology stocks:
@RidingTheWave: "Moreover, I anticipate that technology stocks still have some room to grow as the expectation of the end of the interest rate hike approaches."  View more>>
However, some mooers believed that the performance of technology stocks may not meet expectations:
@Bubbleberrygum: "Tech stocks took a beating from 2022 and retrenchment started in 2023, hence, the subsequent earnings in the later quarters of 2023 might see less positive reports. " View more>>

Despite price fluctuations, gold remains a popular choice among mooers.
In May, the global financial market saw frequent fluctuations, and the price of precious metals followed a "roller coaster" trend, with a few spikes and dips in their prices. After the Fed meeting, different opinions emerged in the market regarding the future direction of precious metal prices. We picked three metal funds for prediction, and $BGF World Gold Fund(LU0055631609.MF)$ has emerged as the top performer so far, offering a 1-year return rate of 9.24%.
Some mooers saw gold as an instrument to hedge against inflation amidst an economic downturn:
@EYSY: "Gold has a negative beta compared to equities. So when stock market goes down, gold price rises and vice versa. So whether gold price will rise in May depends on expectation of stock market. Would think stock market will continue to go up until end of May, so the gold funds will go down. Having said that, when the gold funds are down, it's time to buy as gold is a good hedge for inflation!" View more>>
@ZnWC: "Precious metal such as gold is always viewed as a safe haven during recession. Instead of buying directly from individual stocks, diversification by investing in gold related fund may be a better choice." View more>>

The aftermath of COVID-19 has led to a surge in interest among mooers investing in Chinese technology stocks.
In June, several Chinese concept stocks reported impressive Q1 financial results. Many institutions and individual investors are optimistic about the development prospects of China's technology industry. To explore this trend, we picked three funds that invest in Chinese tech stocks, and $GS Absolute Return Tracker Portfolio(LU1103307317.MF)$ emerged as the top performer with a 2.03% increase in yields for June.
Despite showing optimism towards the Chinese technology stock market, several mooers highlighted that gaining returns could be a slow process:
@ZnWC: "Mutual Fund has volatility risk and positive return may come in 1-3 years. Hence, you need a holding power to wait." View more>>

The drastic evolution of AI this year has increased the appeal of Big Tech for mooers.
After deeply integrating AI into their businesses and products, $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$'s revenue growth rate fell in August's earnings season compared to the previous quarter, while $Meta Platforms(META.US)$'s revenue surpassed expectations. Investors are keenly interested in the future opportunities for tech behemoths that utilize AI. Among four funds that hold positions in AI stocks, $Franklin Technology Fund(LU0109392836.MF)$ stood out as the top performer, achieving an NAV increase of 0.85% and a YTD return rate of 32.93%.
Some mooers believed that the AI technology market might remain stagnant or experience only modest growth in the coming month:
@102392341: "After doing some research, i feel it would be fidelity fund - global technology. this is because it has a second lowest percentage (59%) invested into technology as compared to the rest. As I am thinking, the market will not be performing well in Aug, so with a lower technology profile, it would help the fidelity fund perform better among the other three funds." View more>>

The oil market's recent price movements have sparked interest among many mooers who see investment potential within the sector.
In September, global oil prices skyrocketed after Saudi Arabia and Russia announced continued cuts in oil supply. With Goldman Sachs predicting a sizable supply gap in the international oil market this quarter, investors are now attempting to forecast forthcoming oil price escalation. When we presented two energy funds that invest in the oil industry to Mooers for their input, it was revealed that $BGF World Energy Fund(LU0122376428.MF)$ had better performance, showing an increased return rate of 3.49% in September.
Some mooers believed that funds capable of capitalizing on short-term energy demand had a higher potential for outperformance:
@Milkmoney: "Betting on increased stockpiles in the USA alone might not be sufficient to meet global consumption needs. With 68% sectorial allocation to Energy, $Franklin Natural Resources Fund(LU0300736062.MF)$ may not be able to capture most of the shorter term energy demand when compared to the $BGF World Energy Fund(LU0122376428.MF)$."  View more>>

Winner Announcement
Many mooers participated in the Guess the Fund and made their own predictions. We have prepared rewards for mooers who identified the best-performing fund and shared their views. Now, let's announce the winners of the final event and the special prize!
The top performing fund in the "Guess the Fund 05: Which energy fund investing in the oil industry will perform better in September?" event was $BGF World Energy Fund(LU0122376428.MF)$. Mooers who voted and made a correct prediction before 23:59 SGT on 30 Sep will receive 50 points! Congratulations to @Milkmoney and @mr_cashcow for their top 2 influential posts!
We would like to congratulate @JJ_7201 and @mr_cashcow for correctly predicting the outcomes in three rounds, making them the mooers with the most accurate guesses! Their precision has earned them 500 points. Let's give them a round of applause!
A big thank you to all the mooers for your active participation and insightful opinions! We are eager to learn which event has impacted you the most. Can you recall any personal experiences or unique insights from your participation? Do you have any constructive feedback or ideas that can help us improve? We encourage you to drop a comment and share your experience with us!
We've been delighted by the positive response and valuable insights shared by many of our participating mooers during our events. As we strive to offer even more exciting and valuable experiences, we invite you to stay up-to-date on our latest offerings.

Once again, thanks for your participation!
Happy investing, and see you next time!

Rewards will be distributed 15–30 working days after the winner announcement.
This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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