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Guess the Fund 02: Which commodity fund will perform the best in May?

Hi, mooers!
"Guess the Fund 2024" is back with a second serving!
It's your time to shine by predicting which commodity funds will perform the best in May. Nominate the top performer, back it up with your insights, and stand a chance to win delightful prizes!
📊 Market watch:
Amid global tension and the Fed's dovish stance, established markets like the US, Europe, and Japan are riding the rollercoaster. With volatile swings in mature markets, eyes are on oil as prices climb, touching six-month highs as flagged by BlackRock. Tap to view more about the insightful updates.
Gold continues to glisten, offering a buffer against inflation, with central banks upping the ante on their reserves, hinting at a potential spike to US$3,000 an ounce. Silver and platinum are also on the upswing, reflecting the broader interest in precious metals.
BlackRock's narrative suggests a brighter horizon for commodity producers, with extended periods of higher prices likely.
📈 Fund highlights:
Keen on a stable investment move? Natural resource-themed funds could be your ticket to riding the commodity upswing.
Wondering if commodity funds are ripe for the picking? Which metal fund will shine in May? We want your insights!
Tap here to cast your vote and win rewards>>
🏆 Trending commodity funds:
We've lined up the five most sought-after commodity funds on Moomoo Fund Hub that focus on natural resources and metals. Which fund do you think will perform the best in May?
Here's a graph of the five funds' performance, with returns from -4% to 8% in the last quarter. Which fund has your confidence?
Guess the Fund 02: Which commodity fund will perform the best in May?
*Only one currency/dividend type will be displayed for the same fund.
*Calculation Formula: Fund Return = [Net Asset Value on T Day (31 May) – Net Asset Value on T Day (1 May)] / Net Asset Value on May 100%
*Fund Rankings list all mutual funds and fund portfolios on moomoo.
*Popularity rankings display funds sorted by the number of subscriptions in the past week.
🔍 How to spot the funds:
Guess the Fund 02: Which commodity fund will perform the best in May?
1 May – 31 May
*The "Guess the Fund" vote will end at 23:59 SGT, 24 May.
*Influential posts before 23:59 SGT, 31 May, will be eligible for the rewards.
🌟 Rewards
1. 88 points: for mooers who vote and make a correct prediction at the event
2. 18% (5d) fund coupon: for writers of the top 5 influential posts of over 50 words
3. 50 points: Every participant will be rewarded with 50 points for voting in this round
🎁 Bonus giveaway:
"Guess the Fund 2024" is your bi-monthly chance to shine, with five events from March to November.
Stack up your correct guesses for extra treats:
· Correct 3/5 times: Snatch a S$20 fund cash coupon
· Correct 4/5 times: Earn a S$40 fund cash coupon
· Correct 5/5 times: Win a S$60 fund cash coupon
*We'll add up the wins after the last game, announce the victors, and hand out the bonuses.
🥇 Applause for first-round winners
The opening round of Guess the Fund 2024 saw $Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund(LU1046421795.MF)$ race ahead as the March champion.
A hearty round of applause for our quick-thinking mooers who got their guesses in by 31 March, 23:59 SGT. Fifty points are coming your way!
Hats off to @mr_cashcow @SuperNoobPaPa @小traderand @Mars Mooofor crafting the top 4 posts that sparkled the brightest, winning each of you an 18% (3d) fund coupon!
Let's keep the fun rolling.
Best of luck, and may the market winds be in your favor!
The influential posts will be selected based on post quality, originality, creativity, and influence.
Posts that are not original or relevant shall be excluded.All rewards are mutually exclusive.
All rewards will be distributed to your universal account within 15–30 working days after the winner's announcement.
This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy.
See this link for more information.
*Important update: We've refreshed the voting options! Every participant will be rewarded with 50 points for voting in this round. Plus, if you voted in the previous round, you can vote again to collect your 30 points from the first round and earn 50 more from this round.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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