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        Is it time to consider metal and energy funds?

        Hi, mooers! Hey
        Recently, analysts pointed out that the global market turbulence would see buying in assets like gold and crude, which has quickly been confirmed in the market. According to the report, spot gold climbed 0.4 percent to $1,876.08 per ounce earlier on 13 October, while US gold futures rose 0.3 percent to $1,888.8 an ounce. "Gold is a perfect hedge against global market turbulence," said a market economist.
        At the same time, Brent Crude, the international benchmark, surged 7.5% to $86.83 in the week, posting its highest weekly gain since February. Commodities economists believed that demand for oil would exceed supply in the final three months of the year, and "that should support higher prices".
        Therefore, many investors believe that it might be a good option to invest in the gold and oil market in the short term. What's your outlook on this?
        Given the current trends in the oil and gold markets, would you consider investing in related funds? We have several funds holding exposure to oil or gold in the "Fund House" section on moomoo! Have you been keeping an eye on the impressive performance of these particular funds? Let's take a closer look at them!
        Related Funds
        Metal Funds
        Is it time to consider metal and energy funds?
        Energy Funds
        Is it time to consider metal and energy funds?
        *The above fund selection is based on the data disclosed in the fact sheets of fund companies.
        *The selected currency for the funds in this event is USD or SGD. Only one dividend type will be displayed for the same fund.
        Share your insights with us and win rewards!
        MicrophoneYou may share:
        1. What is your view on the future development of the gold and oil markets? Do you have a bullish or bearish outlook on the prices of gold and oil?
        2. Have you thought about investing in related assets, like funds holding exposure to gold or the oil industry? If so, which fund specifically matches your investment preferences, and what is the reason behind your decision?
        Good MorningTime:
        24 Oct - 3 Nov
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        88 moomoo points: All relevant topic posts over 30 words
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        Posts that are not original or relevant shall be excluded.
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        All rewards will be distributed to your universal account within 15–30 working days after the winner announcement.
        This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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