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GME tumbled after uneventful annual meeting: Is the hype fading?
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$GameStop (GME.US)$ let's see what happens tonight and tomor...

let's see what happens tonight and tomorrow.. I'm thinking this will bounce back to 30,
hopefully more and keeps going
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  • Akunang : Run 🏃‍♂️

  • GoldenWinner : Wed market close. This week left 3 days

  • JC88 : The things that RC said will cause another -5% drop today. “We are not here to make promises, we are here to work”. - then might as well just make the company private. How can the guidance still be funding on loss making retail business. The board is answerable to stockholders who put in money to help fund their business, would have been better to at least tell us some possible strategic direction instead of being so rigid. We are not even expecting any numbers at this point.

  • bluehorseshoe : Lols without RK, this company is junk. 3 years and still have no idea how to pivot this company to be profitable. Now with billions, if he still can’t turn the company around or have a clear vision, will be wasting time as him being CEO

  • djmiller bluehorseshoe : Except, RK apparently can’t even articulate a plan. Three years and the best he has done is dilute the shareholder and use interest income to slow the losses. I appreciate the free scalp money but damn…. I hope you all made some free money on these runs too. They really do the shareholders dirty. At least give someone some hopium or something to believe in. There is no way that I could hold this stock  given, this current plan of “no plan”.