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        Powell signals Fed to stay on hold: What do you think?
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        Fund recap for Q3 2023: What have mooers gained in a volatile market?

        Hi, mooers! Grin
        Over the past three months, the Federal Reserve is rumored to be ending rate hikes, leading to a rise in US Treasury yields and market uncertainty. As a result, investors are seeking diversified asset allocation. Experts and institutions have shared their interpretations and suggestions on moomoo, while mooers have also contributed their investment performance and insights.
        Join us for a summary of moomoo's most talked-about topics, professional analyses from institutions, and an overview of mooers' P/L records and thought-provoking views over the previous three months.
        Recap of hot spots
        In the past three months, the Federal Reserve has yet to signal a clear pause in rate hikes, and market volatility has increased amid sustained inflation and strong demand for debt. Many mooers believe investing in US Treasuries, money market funds, and dividend funds to diversify asset allocation can help balance market uncertainties and capture potential opportunities.
        Given that the yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds has risen, many investors are optimistic about US Treasuries and related funds.
        @Dadacai believes short-term bonds are more attractive than long-term bonds when interest rates rise. View more>>
        @Demascus considers that once the interest rates peak, he will seek to gain exposure to US treasury bonds through funds like $PIMCO GIS Low Duration Income Fund(IE00BDT57T44.MF)$, which boasts a comparatively better credit quality with 70%+ of its holdings rated AAA. View more>>
        @mr_cashcow believes that $Fullerton SGD Cash Fund(SG9999005961.MF)$ can provide consistent performance and positive returns while offering liquidity. View more>>
        @sg-guru also believes that it may be wise to put money in the money market funds, waiting for adjustments in stock prices before taking the plunge. View more>>
        @YuanBao considers that dividend funds like $Fidelity Funds-US High Yield Fund MDis(LU0532245122.MF)$ can provide long-term stability. View more>>
        Mooers' P/L
        Many mooers also shared positive returns they gained through fund investments.
        Some shared over ten thousand dollars in returns through Cash Plus in P/L Challenge Round 2:
        Fund recap for Q3 2023: What have mooers gained in a volatile market?
        In the Financial Advancement Challenge, some mooers won S$100 cash coupons!
        Fund recap for Q3 2023: What have mooers gained in a volatile market?
        Some mooers mentioned that Cash Plus helps them earn 3-5% returns consistently, while RSP helps them establish regular and ongoing contributions to their retirement savings. Tap here to know more about SmartSave and RSP>>
        Fund recap for Q3 2023: What have mooers gained in a volatile market?
        Recap of expert insights
        Moreover, we invited many experts to share their insights on current market trends and future investment opportunities with us through live webinars or Q&A sessions.
        In the July MooFest Online Session, we discovered investment potential in Asia REITs and fixed income with UOBAM, explored opportunities in Asia-Pacific with @CSOP AML, and exploited the strength of SGD to improve our asset allocation through Cash Plus.
        In the Funds Talk columns, we invited UOBAM to explore products to achieve our investment goals. We also took a deep dive into CSOP's investment philosophy and the immense competitiveness of its products.
        *A bonus of 50 points will be rewarded to the writers of the post we mentioned above!
        As we move into Q4, the 2023 Moomoo Fund Investment Strategy Live Series is fast approaching! What investment topics are you interested in? Which areas of expertise do you hope to see covered in the webinars? We invite you to share your thoughts and cast your votes for the topics you most want to explore.
        Please feel free to share the topics you'd like to see covered in the comments below. The top five mooers with insightful and relevant comments can earn 200 points.
        We appreciate the ongoing support and involvement of all our mooers! Your feedback and suggestions are vital in helping us create more engaging and valuable events. Thank you in advance for your contributions!
        Happy investing, and see you next time!Blowing Kisses
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        This presentation is strictly for informational and educational purposes and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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