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$Fullerton SGD Cash Fund (SG9999005961.MF)$ going strong. st...

$Fullerton SGD Cash Fund (SG9999005961.MF)$ going strong. stable daily income since nov
going strong. stable daily income since nov
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  • SKTWFC : How much did you put in for that?

  • Danny87OP SKTWFC: Start from small and accumulate.

  • MrNobody94 Danny87OP: How much money do you invest each time? Get in? 🤔️ I'm not very good at this stock

  • 102414598 : what's your minimal during that time you put it in?

  • Dadacai MrNobody94: This is a unit trust, not stock. The actual value of your holdings is the number of units you buy when you subscribe (amount invested divided by the NAV at the point of subscription as shown in your moomoo statements) x current NAV so subtract the amount you have invested from that to arrive at your total return. 10K will give around S$1 of return a day at the current annualised rate of return. The rate of return will fluctutate as the interest rate environment changes. The daily revenue is not locked in unless you redeem the units. This is not a bank deposit although most of the underlying assets in the Fullerton fund are SGD bank deposits and MAS bills so it should be pretty safe (though not zero risk). Under MAS rules, clients’ funds and assets are segregated from the stockbroker’s money and assets. If you invest in a unit trust, the assets of the unit trust are held separately on trust by a trustee appointed by the respective fund houses. Seviora Group which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings owns 51% of Fullerton. Income Insurance owns 49% of Fullerton. This is not financial advice.

  • PassiveLearner Dadacai: Thanks for the detail explanation of the fund!

  • agreeable Hound_0795 Danny87OP: yes put idle money in here

  • Danny87OP agreeable Hound_0795: Yes. Better than putting in bank

  • RandomRando Dadacai: Very detailed information, but most likely you are replying to a comment that was written in Chinese, and then the app autotranslates, and not very well. So the asker tends to sound more clueless than they actually are, due to mistranslation of financial terms.

  • Dadacai RandomRando: I was reading the comment in its original language of Chinese. I don’t have auto-translate enabled.