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From blind dating to finding your match: How to decide on the stock for me?
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From blind dating to finding your match: How to decide on the stock for me?

Hi, mooers.
Looking for the 'stock for me' is comparable to finding your match in dating. It takes time, effort, and sometimes trial and error. While we discussed improving your trading strategies before, we haven't yet explored the topic of "discovering the stock for me".

Whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, deciding what to buy can be overwhelming. Share how you found your matches in trading and what set them apart from others. Your insights can help guide new traders and offer fresh perspectives on investment theories.

You may share:
● The first stock you ever traded: What was it, and how did it perform?
● Strategies for identifying your suitable stocks to invest in: What has worked for you in the past?
● Stocks that didn't meet your investment objectives: What factors influenced your decision to let them go?
Your experience in fundamental or technical analysis or your other valuable experiences and insights can help unlock new insights for our community and new traders. Tap here to share your experience>>
Event time: Now – September 30th
● 1,000 points: for mooers of the top 10 authentic, comprehensive, and educational posts sharing stock-choosing stories and logic
● 100 points: for all mooers of on-topic posts of over 20 words
*The rewards are exclusive and will be issued within 10 working days after the announcement of winners.
*Points may be redeemed only through the moomoo app and have no other value.
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  • Kevin Peris : some things are still a bit hard to understand when it comes to trading. I invested in the BHP group as my first trade and I did realise later that I paid a high price. it has been going pretty good so far but not exceptional. however, it was a good learning experience. I'm still making mistakes but learning from each of them.

  • Yikers : The first stock I ever bought was GE long ago when they were the envy of all and thought to be unstoppable... then they started putting more time into playing politics and funny money games then building their business and not surprisingly crashed and burned. I still have one or two shares to remind myself nobody is invincible and they are just now getting back to my cost basis. Now I buy companies that impress me in the real world with their products and services that have strong balance sheets and fair valuations and I haven't really been disappointed since.

  • Biff : My first trade I bought was 5000 shares SIRI when satellite radio was just beginning for pennies. It exploded to over $9 before I sold. I was hooked after that.

  • 魔镜啊魔镜 : The first stock you ever traded: apple. It performed so so, I plan to hold it for a long term.
    Strategies for identifying your suitable stocks to invest in: I prefer stock like meta, apple.

  • important dolphin : didn't do research on the stock

  • Hetsai : penny stocks and work your way up

  • Balaaa : Mine is terrible

  • Dave Schulz : my first was Apple in '89.  I had a housemate can an Apple II and just thexreactuon from everyone to the multiple gray gradients was enough to convince me.  it worked out better than plan, I'd say.

  • Yuanhunglo : I invested in an IPO on my first decent profit. I got 24 shares and 24 Warrants.
    Held them for over a month with no clear indication of a direction and finally, one morning, I had to do a double-take when I opened my portfolio. The Warrants, that were only worth $0.45/piece the previous day shot up to $4 00/piece, while the stock was only worth $8.00/piece. I was a little confused at first, then realized I could sell the Warrants just like a stock, so I unloaded the Warrants while the stock creeped up slowly. I ended up selling all the Warrants for more than the stock was worth! Ended the day with a $425 profit between the stocks and Warrants. The following day, the stock & Warrants tanked, so I realized I made a good decision. Less than 1 year later, the company went belly-up and people got stuck with worthless stocks & Warrants.
    I just got lucky, had nothing to do with research or company dynamics, just pure dumb-luck! I needed the Win because most of my trades prior to this one lost money and I now realize how impatient I was, but lucky with the trade, at the same time. Now I use more research and fundamentals for choosing stocks and when to buy/sell, but it's such a learning curve that sometimes you just need the dumb-luck trade to keep you going and interested in learning more! I'm glad I stuck with it. I still lose money here & there, but it's all part of the learning curve, of which I am still not the best at, but the more you keep at something,  the better you fet at it!! 🤔 🙂

  • Hetsai : my first stock ever was HTBX. Heat Biologistic. I'm surprised I can't find it anymore until I digged deeper and realized they changed their name to NHWK. Anyways . I started doing penny stocks then small options plays with my family for safety during the COVID season. 2021 was horrible. 2023 is even worse!!

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