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free TA workshop

update: Fully BOOKED
free TA workshop
free TA workshop
those dunno how to read chart de can sign up next Monday at sgx . anything dunno click the link.
Mr Isaac Lim is a very experience TA. Used to work in fund house
also I would like to make a clarification comment that I made with my chat with dividend kopi earlier Jan 2024. he asked me when HST will rise, I saw bullrider 21 who likes to do TA as a hobby, so I said you can ask the mooer TA expert (wannabe) - comment has been edited with my chat with him.  the word TA Expert came from me, and I have edited the comment to (wannabe) as true TA Expert works in fund house.
the user bullrider then claims moomoo gave him the title of TA expert, which makes it a joke of century, as moomoo has never given him the title or issue this title to him. You may check with @Moomoo SG for any clarification.
I apologies if I made anyone believes that he was a TA expert in fact, a lot have already complain to me, and I'm not interested to know your saga due to same story yes so far all the downtrend he was wrong. without posting date and time, when the stock rises back, then the user will take credit again.
Great that @Moomoo SG has started offering free classes to teach everyone again and glad that Mr Isaac Lim is stepping out of his comfort to teach everyone
rmb to bring laptop.
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