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Finally think I’ve figured it out why this goes nowhere and this guy literally confirmed it for me!

So many months ago i was heavily invested in a company called $Ideanomics(IDEX.US)$  the price was at .09 a share and i was waiting for a big pop up in price loke here. i waited and waited and waited the price would go up to .12 once in a blue moon but never ever coold go hogher than that on the best news it went nowhere NOT EVER!! Frustrated beyond no end and unable to figure it out it had to be munipulation right? Nope! After researching and researching everything and anything i could i came across some other companies called $T2 Biosystems(TTOO.US)$ which everyone who remembers was stuck at .08 fir the longest time never moving ever. Then some other company like $Mullen Automotive(MULN.US)$  same thing just spun wheels on PR and great news for awhile! So i thought what is it that these companies have that’s similar to why they just wont run way the fuck up?!?! THEY ALL HAD EXTREMELY HIGH FREE FLOATS! Ideanomics reached over a billion before they finally RS! Which a billion aint shit to big seasoned stocks like $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ and others we all lnow so well they are established stocks great for the long term for sure slower growing! Anyways these companies continue to delute their stock over and over and over with offering after offering after offering they accumulate free floats that are just way to outrageous for these smaller than seasoned companies like Microsoft! Anyhow my conclusion to why this doesnt move much at all especially after this last offering is dilution and alot of it! They are now here over a half a billion free float and honestly changes my perspective on this ticker! They will not naturally reach a dollar unless a miricle happens like all bulls in market buy buy buy and the ask to not buid price for one! This may reach a high in its current status of .15-.2 tops and thats lucky if it happens!! What needs to happen whats the solution? AN RS RIGHT NOW BIT LATER BUT NOW!! They need to undilute the shares drop their free float considerably so we can move forward! The company CEO and management in my opinion are stipid to think after they continually dilluted their shares can naturally reach 1 dollar they are wasting their time and ours! RS is the only way!!
Having said all this they need to do it now while Bitcoin is moving and most definitely before the ETF approval so. they have a chance here! They will waste momentum opportunities(like now how they dont move to. itcoin like others) if they do do an RS!! Now! $Bit Brother(BETS.US)$ has a better opportunity to make ot with an RS than the others I mentioned above because they have a solid business way better and strategicly positioned to accomplish a successful RS kinda like $LQR House(LQR.US)$  has shown and others like it but Bit is even better than them! SO DO THE RS NOW SO WE STOP SPINNING WHEELS GUYS THIS WILL NOT CHANGE I ASSURE YOU UNTIL WE RS!! Ny opinion from my experience and findings and research this is not investment advice do your own DD! Thanks Trixie💋🍭
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  • FiReBiTriXiEOP : If you can’t see this you need to research more this is exactly the problem! Is there illegals shot going on with short selling absolutely but it’s not why the stock is stuck we need an RS AND NOW OR THIS IS WASTED OPPORTUNITY TO CAPITALIZE ON BITCOINS RISING PRICE!!

  • Echo5Sierra : that hurt my head just reading it, with all the misspelled words and grammar errors.  ouch

  • Emotionless Echo5Sierra: This dude is gonna talk sh!t and don't even begin his sentence with a capital letter. Practice what you preach ...

  • MadGuineaPig : Mullen did many offerings purposely killing investors the others i haven't touched in years so im not familiar with what happened to them. if the ceo has brains he will do a very large buy back. with some of that bitcoin monees. at .01 they could literally change the outlook and also entice the investors.. RS is not the answer unless you wish to see it drop to.0005 😆 all the people that would loose heavy would just suck. im not cutting off my nose to spite my face.

  • FiReBiTriXiEOP Echo5Sierra: Ok Grammando got it sir🫡🫡🫡 I was typing fast ass! You really want to be rude to me?

  • FiReBiTriXiEOP Emotionless: Indeed

  • FiReBiTriXiEOP MadGuineaPig: I disagree. We don’t do an RS we will sit here forever. Not only that average investors HATE penny stocks and for good reasons too! They belong in the OTC which is where this is heading if it doesn’t make a move and soon! It’s obvious this thing is not moving for shit even with Bitcoin yet it’s peers are just fine all with appealing prices over a dollar. I’ve been through this before and I know and am confident now this is the problem! Another thing this will not drop after RS like others there’s to much greatness going on with Bitcoin it’s total revenue depends on its success and it’s successful so why ain’t it moving? The very same reasons others diluted like this don’t move! We need this RS before ERF approval or we will have wasted the momentum it’s going to have when approved! Put it on my life if approved right now all mining companies will sore and we will be lucky to move up even .1 frfr! People are so turned off by RS and for good reasons they rank after but if they wait till the momentum of bitcoin subsides then they will be fckd by RS like others! This needs done now or I’m out of here frfr and confident in my exit! It will never run up past .2 it just won’t! And this company doesn’t have the power or amount of bitcoin to do a buy back they funds are just not there! If this doesn’t do a RS and soon Im leaving because it’ll be a waste of my time and money I can put elsewhere to actually work for me not hold it up with this stupid over diluted stock!