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Dividends and stock payouts

$DBS Group Holdings(D05.SG)$ 2024/04/05 Dividend of 0.54 SGD per share, please tell me when will it be delivered? Is it the same time as sending 0.1 shares per share? thanks
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  • 1M65 : undefined

  • 1M65 : 1st: kindly do your research before U buy any shares. you don't anyhow purchase thinking the act is "investment"

    2nd: understand the company and don't do things or follow blindly. just because U hear ppl talking or mention abt dividends or bonus shares

  • 1M65 : you are too late for dbs dividends. if U buy now, you are eligible for the extra shares that dbs is dishing out.

    another meaning, current share holders will be diluted as dbs add more shares.

    but another view pt will be that these added new shares will be dividend inclusive going forward for their 2024 1st quarter dividends onwards.

    each 1lot/1000shares will get 1 share for every 10shares you are invested in. so if you own 1lot, you will get 100shares extra.

  • Reeve Liew : So many tools to use from this platform

  • 102598252OP Reeve Liew: Thanks, dude

  • 102598252OP 1M65: Actually I had bought and hold DBS share for few months already, but this is my first time to face this dividends, thansk for sharing dude

  • 1M65 102598252OP: banks n reits are meant to hold long term for its dividends. you need to research on which counter best suited your interest and has a record of having dividend growth. also check from past records whether their dividends grow every yr anot.

    don't FOMO just because everyone is buying. only buy on a downward trend and buy in at diff price pt

  • 1M65 102598252OP: what price point you bought in at?

  • 102598252OP 1M65: average at 32.8, any suggestion?

  • 1M65 102598252OP: quite good price pt consider U just bought in. most probably before they announce right?

    don't think nw is a good time to add but up to U. I'll wait till next wk and see how.

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