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DEI Losers

DEI Losers
it's nice that the CEO, the delusional, out of touch, cancer spreader,  John Donahoe says he is accountable. Perhaps he will return his 20 million compensation bonus (no, he will not) ? 🤣 or fire himself?... Of course not, he's going to fire 1600 working people who need the job to pay bills....
DEI Losers
DEI Losers
DEI Losers
These CEO's f*d their companies. They all hired men to be women spokespersons and tried selling products to people who dont like or use them. They then told the customers they were the problem. They all lost sourcing in China (bud for cheap aluminum) and now face shipping issues. The biggest spokesman they have ever had are now largely irrelevant (Jordan, Clysdales, The Mouse). Nike has even closed their signature store in Portland, the site of the company headquarters. My local grocery store doesn't even put Bud out. It went from occupying half the freezer to having only a couple of cases in it. And Disney couldn't pay someone to go to a movie (they are offering them free on my service). When this bull market ends, I will be shorting these train wrecks into oblivion. These companies offer high prices (Bud light can't give beer away) and a disappearing sales base. These companies will drop by 60-70% when there is no margin or mania to support them, and they will not recover for years, if ever. I will laugh all the way to the bank. 😁 iam just waiting for now. I project every single one of these under 20 and closer to 10 by the end. BUD will have to sell to recover, new ownership, new management, new everything. Disney and Nike are a little different. They will hold onto the past as long as they can, and it will be boards or activist shareholders who force the change.
Right now, I'm riding the tech bull until I can short the DEI losers.
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