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Confusing as usual

$Cybin(CYBN.US)$ doesn't really know what it wants to do. For those of you who follow this popular psilocybin stock, as of late, it's probably left you unsure and maybe even scratching your head. If I could put your fears to rest, I would. But, there are a lot of things in the pipeline that have to work out before cybin has a chance. That said, I am a Cybin bull, so you know where I stand.
At any rate, here are a few chart breakdowns.
Confusing as usual
Confusing as usual
Confusing as usual
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  • Alex investor : Where do you see this stock going? I have a sizable investment I’m a bull too the net loss wasn’t very positive today but with the news of the FDA is very good just want to hear your opinion

  • RockaphobicOP Alex investor: I'm retired military. When I was in the process of being discharged from the US Navy, I received orders for watch command at Balboa military hospital. I saw the other side of war there. The carnage that I participated in had come full circle. Now, I'm a veterans liaison for several nonprofit organizations. I know firsthand what PTSD can do. Most of my friends are dead now. Major depression disorder is a bitch and Cybin is at the forefront of helping people who fight it. As far as I'm concerned, they're fighting the same thing I've been fighting for years. So, might as well join forces, so to speak.

    Cybin has jumped so many hurdles. Cost effectiveness is compromised when you're paying for countless patents, patient trials (which are paid for) and FDA approval. I worry zero about funding. That said, we are literally waiting for FDA product approval before moving to market. It feels great to be at the forefront of such a movement.

    We'll see $0.50+ when swing meets volume

  • 73486190 : cybin all depends on fda approving....fda will give first steps to approval by the end of the year...cybin is number 1 in r&d...this is a life changing stock...just hold n by the dips

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