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$CN HEALTH TECH (01069.HK)$ There is a guy Lodgie Fitzwillia...

$CN HEALTH TECH (01069.HK)$ There is a guy Lodgie Fitzwilliams who contacted me saying that I will be compensated for my investment in 1069. Asking me for a ten percent of my investment that I should deposit in an account before the compensation. Someone else had been contacted? Seems suspicious.
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  • 73810387 : Once you deposit 10% in their account, they will compensate you in crypto. For this they'll ask you to open an account on their (fake) trading platform and then they'll deposit your compensation amount in that account (which is on their fake platform). Using that crypto you will be able to trade their (fake) crypto currency on their (fake) platform. They'll even guide you to trade (their fake) crypto and earn huge profits. But that profit will only be just numbers showing into your account. You will never be able to withdraw equivalent cash into your bank account. And then they'll again ask for a percentage of that amount in cash for you to be able to withdraw in into your bank account. Once you deposit that cash, you'll not be able to login into your account (on their fake platform). That's how it works. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

  • Lessons Learned : Get me once shame on you. Get me twice shame on me. Rule of thumb 👍 if we are not in the same circle/network, don’t contact me. How did you get my info in the first place? Somehow those people are part of the shenanigans that took place last year.

  • 85chirag : It is not do that