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Buffett’s Paramount Stock Holding Languishing- Despite 3 Offers

Buffett’s Paramount Stock Holding Languishing- Despite 3 Offers
Despite 3 offers for Paramount Holdings, the stock has been languishing. This is one of the holdings of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

We have touched on Paramount in our previous write-up, where we think that it is worth being on your shortlist due to its valuation. Truth be told, there are now 3 offers tabled for Paramount after our article. We would like to think that is where great minds think alike.

In this article, we will try to look through the 3 offers and why despite 3 offers, the price is languishing.

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  • TMW1986 : Indeed. Short sellers suppressing, 14% shorted. Sky dance offer like shit. Apollo offer not entertain. Very bad. I think Allen Bryon offer is the most fair but no one entertain him also.

    Worst case is wait for 29th April result see any turnaround in sight. Maybe without others Paramount still can make it.

  • Kirk Holmes : if Redstone would stop looking to pad her pockets with the best deal for her vs. best deal for the company and it's shareholders then maybe something could get done.

    buffet offloaded 2/3 of his stake in the last year-has sold off shares in each quarter with largest sell off in most recent statement..., I don't understand why people keep calling this a buffet company, he started running away from this a year ago and never held more than 2.3 mil shares.....he'sdown to  roughly 900k shares as of February and will likely exit the stake sometime this year. I should've sold my stake when the skydance offer was announced! DOH!  patiently waiting, again now

  • Edvanced Kirk Holmes: Buffet literally holding 60m shares now

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