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$CN HEALTH TECH (01069.HK)$ What we really need to know if t...

What we really need to know if the news about the company is true?  if we know that it would help on what to do when it opens.   if anyone has any news please post. anyone here from Hong Kong that can check on this company?
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  • psm5888 : just an idea, but what about a finance related lawyer in HK? someone that you can vet/ zoom call with to verify authenticity? I don't have the funds to pull that off, it's just an idea.

    I spoke to moomoo customer service today about how long can an HK company LEGALLY suspend their own stock.  they referred me to the HKEX website. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't covered there.

  • gucci3x : The news regarding a merger or acquisition is true, but their has been no sign of when that information will be released from Bozza.  Once bozza decides to drop the news of the merger/acquisition is when hkex will unhalt the stock. Atleast we have something to look forward to, we have a catalyst that could keep this stock alive rather than it going to zero once they unhalt.  Just keep positive and watch for the press release/announcement.  We’re not completely dead yet, if you look at the trading pattern of these “scammer stocks” you see that while they are accumulating shares and pumping the price they’ll dump it a few times and then they recover right after until the big finale.  For example look at $ReTo Eco-Solutions (RETO.US)$ you’ll see as they’re accumulating shares and walking the price up there was a few times where it dumped but recovered, I don’t think the party is over just yet on Bozza (atleast I hope it isnt) 😮‍💨