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$CN HEALTH TECH (01069.HK)$ these mf damage this stock very ...

$CN HEALTH TECH(01069.HK)$ these mf damage this stock very badly man . stop writing these much fucking negative commeds you dumbs . we need yo fucking getout from this damage , dont fucking being hero. please dont post any negative comments. we cant loose any money mates olease
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  • Ufish20254 : It's ok…Let them vent. It's A free forum. People post and share  how they feel and vent their frustrations. Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves that's why we are all different. I also have 96k shares stuck and am dealing w it quietly but wouldn' interfere in anyone expressing how they feel. We are all long ways away from feeling jolly.

  • Vishnu7601OP Ufish20254: Yo be practical man use your brain . We need to play smart , the money you invest you fucking hard to made and you can’t loose that money this very simple way . If you keep posting negative what you going to get ? Nothing right so just let it be

  • Lessons Learned Vishnu7601OP: Thank you.  Our goal should be getting our money out

  • Ufish20254 : Hate to say it but his stock was never worth what we paid.(2.19 in my case). It's's gdoing to settle where it truly belong. Few investors here commenting won't make a dent.

  • Lessons Learned : I never heard of moomoo before I got to this situation. I dealt with other US trading platforms. But danm it I never seen a trading platform like X, instagrams or Facebook. I received more friends request than I Facebook here. Godly is there a way to keep this professional.