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$CN HEALTH TECH(01069.HK)$ DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANYMORE STOCKS THAT WERE PUMPED UP THEN DROPPED LIKE 01069 SO I CAN SEE IF THEY ALL WENT UP AFTER THE DUMP, OR IF SOME WENT DOWN? I found one other one that was just shown in these comments previously and that stock went up after the drop, gives me hope that 01069 will go back up, the guy that was telling me to buy 01069 was dead on accurate of what the stocks was going to open at, of course he didnt tell me it was going to dump like that, but I straight up asked him what price is it going to go to when it opens back up? I think he said 1.86, i have to go look in his messages, but i hope it does!
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  • Josephpierce1978OP : 00328 was the other stock that dumped and I looked through my messages and he said it would be at 1.82! So I’m curious to see how it goes when trading ban is lifted!

  • Dave18 : This is a (US) stock that was pumped and dumped about 2 months ago and has not recovered:

  • Josephpierce1978OP Dave18: The good thing is they all just didn’t go to zero, my whole life savings is in 01069 and they had people scaring the crap out of me saying it was going all the way to zero, and I haven’t found not one stock that has ever done that, but I’m new to this trading so I don’t know much

  • Ed Glinecki Josephpierce1978OP: Mine too man.. All I know is the company is only worth 160 million bux…Is it enough?? Is this an acquisition? My scammers are still contacting me. They’re trying to get me to buy more, they’re stuck!! They’ll need to pump it IMO to get their $ back. Small chance we come out of this with SOME of our money…  I’m no expert or even very experienced. I am just going off the fact that these scammers are trying to say I started this price action!!!! Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m sorry, but my life savings is a joke compared to what it takes to move a stock price. I’m still of the thought that these guys are holding onto more than 50 million shares and they got caught with their pants down. They’re gonna have to pump this thing up before it goes down. I got a lot of retail investors will freak out and pull out as soon as it opens but if the acquisition is true, it’s gonna open higher. That’s our chance to get out

  • psm5888 Ed Glinecki: that's wild that your scammer is contacting you still. mine is radio silent (David schuster)

  • Ed Glinecki psm5888: This scammer blasted me for blasting him… Hilarious!! Trying to use reverse psychology on me. I called Pimco. This guy is a total scammer (David Braun) and/or (Noah Beck)… I’m sure it’s the same person. The shitty English used over the months went unnoticed by my lied to and excited brain….

  • Josephpierce1978OP : Mine is still trying to contact me, wants to reimburse me 85% of my loss if I send him a screenshot of my balance after it went down! No one is going to try that hard to give you money! I won’t it send it to him bc I believe he needs that to get paid his commission! Has anyone else on here sent them their screenshot after it went down?

  • MoneyMonkey04 Josephpierce1978OP: it dropped from 4.08 to 1.82
    and has not bounced back to even 1/2 of what it was.
    these scammers are not amateurs they know what they're doing .
    they fucked up on 1069 because of the freeze.
    had there been no suspension we would have all been extra fucked.

  • AGeezy Josephpierce1978OP: who's asking you for a screen shot?

  • 73629906 : I have been following  Whatsapp group lead by a John Cooney, who is heavily promoting this stock. Anyone here know about him?

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