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Be warned! This is a rabit hole.

No matter how much money you make, miss leading uneducated investors. After you enjoy most of it on earth the rest of the money will be used as toilet paper by your descendants. Your siblings will roam the streets in hunger, and the generational curse will bring disease and suffering to your unborn. Karma lives next door and he will be knocking soon. I am just here to let people know this is a mouse trap, entry is so easy and enticing, but exiting the trades is near impossible. Guys this people don't know you and the very least care if you make $1 or loss you lifes savings. I will keep reposting my warnings, Hopefully someone will be able to pay for their children college, buy a retirement home, travel the world, donate to charity, enjoy great health care by not falling victim to this game. Really yo called it a "Game". People keep spreading the dangers of this pump and dump stock schemes.
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  • Kash Jungo : Why the negativity. If you have any shares, you would t write this

  • ghekko : this guy's just a hater.  He got caught on the wrong side of a trade when this stock dumped last year, as did many people, and rather than moving on he's on here preaching.  Hey Mootaverse, no scammer dipped into your bank account and made you buy shares.  and no scammer made you hold onto those shares instead of sell at a profit, as many people did.   it was your own decisions, and your own greed.  So stop talking about scammers this and that, and start looking in the mirror bro.  better yet, stop living in yesterday,  and start living in today.  either sh*t or get off the pot with this ticker

  • MoneyMonkey04 : really I don't think anyone likes mootavers at all. they gave into their own greed and bought stock they knew nothing about and wanted to make profit with no work and now that the stock is coming back to its actual value they want to cry "scam".. proving they know nothing of stocks

  • 73810387 Kash Jungo: He doesn't have any position. that's why he's writing all these things.

  • 73810387 Kash Jungo: Or may be he sold his position for a huge loss and now that there is some hope of this stock rising, he hates others who held their positions. He just wants to make sure that we all do not recover.

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