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Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?

Hi, mooers!
Happy New Year!
The year we’ve just said goodbye to featured four Fed rate hikes, a thriving AI technology sector, an unpredictable energy market, and the expansion of emerging markets. Now, it's time to review your 2023 financial choices. Which funds did you select in 2023, and how did they turn out? Any unexpected standouts?
While market volatility persists, the investment horizon for 2024 is filled with exciting possibilities! How should we further enhance our investment portfolios in 2024? Wondering how to refine our investment portfolios for the year ahead? Our annual fund rankings may provide the inspiration you need!
After an in-depth analysis considering each fund's visibility, popularity, and subscription volume, we've chosen 10 distinguished funds as the 2023 Fund of the Year! Let’s review the funds that topped mooers' interest lists and their performance over the previous year!
*All data collection for the evaluation was up to November 30, 2023.
Since its launch, the $Fullerton SGD Cash Fund (SG9999005961.MF)$ has been a leading choice for SGD money market investments. Its strong and consistent performance has earned it a place in the portfolios of many mooers.
The Fullerton SGD Cash Fund serves as a reliable and convenient option for me to park my unused funds and accrue interest. Throughout the past year, the Fullerton SGD Cash Fund has demonstrated stability and reliability, providing investors with a trustworthy vehicle to preserve and grow their capital. The fund's commitment to maintaining a competitive interest rate ensures that investors can benefit from a steady return on their savings.
I anticipate continued success with the Fullerton SGD cash fund due to its stability and consistently positive returns. The fund has proven to be a reliable choice, offering returns comparable to or even surpassing those of high-yield savings accounts in banks.
Throughout 2023, this fund maintained a steady return of over 3.8% per annum, reaching a remarkable peak of 4.5% per annum on Nov 29, 2023.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
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This year, the USD money market fund from CSOP achieved a yield peak not seen in the past five years. From July 2023 onwards, the fund's 7-day annualized yield has consistently held over 5%, showing a sustained increase.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
There's been a vibrant response from mooers toward this fund:
With strategic choices, I saw a commendable USD return showcased in vibrant graphics. My overall portfolio flourished, netting an impressive total return. This experience has been a testament to the value of informed investing and the power of compound interest.
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Investment interest in tech persists among mooers, with $Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund (LU1046421795.MF)$ standing out. The fund's strong gains this year have been a pleasant surprise to many mooers.
For the fund I have in mind, $Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund (LU1046421795.MF)$ is a great fund for tech stocks, I've calculated its 5 yr Sharpe ratio and expected return to fit my investment plan.
Investing in the technology sector remains appealing due to its ongoing advancements and growth potential. The $Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund (LU1046421795.MF)$ specializes in tech stocks and has shown strong historical performance.
Despite occasional variations shown in the Trend Chart, the fund has recorded a considerable upswing over the course of the year. Since the beginning of November, the yield has exhibited a consistent rise.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
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The $BGF World Energy Fund (LU0122376428.MF)$ managed by BlackRock has captured the attention of many mooers due to the repercussions of geopolitical dynamics this year.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
Even with significant volatility this year, this fund has also delivered considerable returns for mooers.
Another energy fund $BGF World Energy Fund (LU0122376428.MF)$ I purchased is now making money! Previously, it has been quite volatile since December. I intend to hold for the long term to diversify into the energy sector.
As one of Allianz Global Investors' most sought-after dividend funds, Allianz Global Investors, $Allianz Income and Growth MDis (LU0820561818.MF)$ has provided mooers with portfolio diversification and income potential.
The fund is known for high dividend yield. However, it's noted that despite being named for both "income" and "growth," the fund's net asset value (NAV) has not appreciated since its launch in July 2013 (launch NAV in July 2013 – SGD 10. Current NAV – SGD 7.45), suggesting that it has failed to deliver on the growth aspect.
While the Trend Chart displays continued volatility, 2023 has seen the fund gain upward momentum, reaching its highest yield by year's end.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
The FSSA Investment Managers' dividend fund has been on the radar of many mooers, as it aims for regular dividend payments and long-term capital growth. While there's been significant volatility this year, the fund is still seen as a viable contender for long-term investment.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
BlackRock's $BGF World Technology Fund(LU0056508442.MF)$ is popular among technology funds, largely due to its substantial holdings in leading tech companies. Its upward movement in 2023 has placed it on the list of investment options for some mooers.
目前来说大多数的科技公司也开始使用人工智能,例如$微软(MSFT.US)$ 和$谷歌-C(GOOG.US)$ 。因此如果要买入投资基金,我应该会优先考虑选择$BGF World Technology Fund(LU0056508442.MF)$
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
Advancements in medical technology have driven continuous evolution in the healthcare industry this year. Despite some instability, the healthcare-centric fund overseen by AllianceBernstein has displayed a fluctuating yet ascending pattern.
A number of mooers have expressed their confidence in this fund.
大家都將焦點放於醫療及個人衛生相關的行業,除了原本人口老化的基本問題,還有各種形形色色的醫療進化剛需求,所以我睇好$AB International Health Care Portfolio (LU0058720904.MF)$這基金的三年與五年圖非常之亮麗,基金價格是完美的上升軌道,穩健上揚,基金收益能力非常卓越,抗風險能力也不錯,性價比非常高,就憑他基本前景,我也覺得值得入手。
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
UOB's top fixed-income fund has demonstrated an admirable performance this year. Even amidst variable market conditions, the fund's yield has shown a steady increase throughout 2023, with a significant annual surge of 4.37%.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
Several mooers have indicated that they have incorporated this fund into their investment portfolios.
... $United SGD Fund (SG9999014864.MF)$ are funds I subscribe to this year to earn profits and rewards from Moomoo. Glad to say they are all in the +ve zone. I will be eyeing and studying funds for CPF-OA and CPF-SA in 2024.
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BlackRock's USD money market fund has responded well to the Federal Reserve's interest rate shifts, displaying stable, excellent performance and keeping a 7-day yield over 5% since July.
Is your chosen fund among the favorites in 2023?
This fund has also provided some mooers with positive returns this year.
I’ve allocated some of my investment into the $BNP Paribas USD Money Market(LU0012186622.MF)$. This fund offers stability and liquidity, serving as a safe place for USD funds while producing moderate returns. It's good for making short-term investments or keeping cash reserves.
Special mentioned about which gives 7-d average earn 4.5%. Despite its not instant redemption, the fund has given positive returns so far. It's traded in USD hence should consider the risk for foreign currency exchange risk.
*The above fund selection is based on the data disclosed in the fact sheets of fund companies up to Dec 27, 2023.
*The selected currency for the funds in this event is USD. Only one currency/dividend type will be displayed for the same fund.

Have you invested in these 10 funds in 2023? What are your expectations for their performance in the coming year? What investment funds are you planning to add to your portfolio in the upcoming year?
Share your insights with us and win rewards!

You may share:
1. Which funds did you invest in? How did they perform this year? Any unexpected standouts?
2. How do you perceive the prospects of the 2023 Moomoo Fund of the Year? Have you invested in any of these funds in 2023?
3. Going into 2024, which funds do you plan to keep, and what new options are you exploring for your 2024 portfolio?

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