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        Nvidia crushes estimates again, but the alarm has been sounded?
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        AMD's new AI chips on sale soon, expected to call Nvidia's bluff

        Media reports, in December 6 in San Jose held Advancing AI online conference, AMD will be on sale MI300 series GPUs.

        According to the previous conference, the MI300 series contains MI300A and MI300X chips. Among them, the MI300A is a CPU+GPU gas pedal consisting of 146 billion transistors, a layout that allows the CPU to prepare data faster and load it onto the GPU to speed up model training.

        The MI300X, on the other hand, is a strictly GPU product designed for the data center market. The MI300X GPU is said to be designed to push the performance limits of AI computing and is expected to be a new breakthrough for AMD in the AI space.AMD CEO Lisa Su said the MI300X offers 5.2TBps of memory bandwidth, which is 1.6 times better than Nvidia's H100 (SXM) GPU.
        AMD's new AI chips on sale soon, expected to call Nvidia's bluff

        According to NIC, Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Google, Supermicro/Quantadirect, Amazon, and others have already placed orders for about 205,000 MI300 units with AMD.AMD predicts that the MI300 chip will be the fastest the company will reach $1 billion in sales. AMD has previously upgraded its current quarter AI-related GPU AMD has previously raised its AI-related GPU revenue forecast to $400 million this quarter, and estimates that the company's AI-related revenue will reach $2.4 billion next year.$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$
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